Air Bubbles

The Newsletter of the North Shore Frogmen’s Club

Volume 54, Number 3

March 2012

Presidents’ Messages - March 2012

What a winter, or really the lack of one! The weather’s been good, the diving’s been good. What else can you ask for? I’m even beginning to see the sun a little more since it’s getting slightly lighter in both the morning and evenings. Plus, the water has been relatively warm, since 39 degrees is nice and toasty, as we all know.

The Boston Scuba show just passed and Sea Rovers is just a few weeks away; I think spring really is just about here.

This month, I’d like to recognize as Diver of the Month, Gary

Michaud who has faithfully gone wetsuit diving all winter, and as Member of the Month, Adam Hartnett for doing a great presentation recently that makes me really want to do some warm water diving.

Happy diving!

Meg Tennissen

Diver of the Month

for March 2012

Gary Michaud

who has faithfully gone wetsuit diving all winter.

Member of the Month

for March 2012

Adam Hartnett

who did a great presentation recently.

Coming Club Events

March 8: Faith Ortins-Presentation on diving in the Philippines.

April 5: Jerry Shine-Presentation on “small stuff”.

April 19: Fred Dion of Backscatter- Presentation on underwater cameras.

April 21: Float Cleaning at PCYC

May 31: Barbara Warren of SSCW- Presentation on marine invasives.


Dues for 2012 are now DUE.

In this Issue:  
President’s Message pg. 1
Meeting Summaries pg. 2-4
Reviews of past events pg. 4-5
Coming Events & Calendar pg. 5-7
Story: CSS Hunley pg. 8
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of Air Bubbles is

Thursday, March 22

Air Bubbles – March 2012

Meeting Summaries

19 Jan 2012 (missing from Feb AB)

Meeting called to order: 8:08 PM

Attendance: 3 Officers, 16 Members Guest: 1, former member John Blaney

Secretary: Minutes not read; Lauren filled in.

Treasurer: Previous year’s report read. $.12 deficit. Treasurer was given $.12 so we broke even. Lots of participa- tion and spending. $165 for Bay State council, $285 Sea Rovers booth, $75 Boston Scuba Show, $230 flyers (we still have lots). Banquet made ~$300



-1/26-Fred Calhoun

-2/9-Vic Mastone, MA BUAR tentative for Feb 9th on Battle of Chelsea Creek

-Membership: 2 new members in last 2 weeks

-Air Bubbles: Deadline tomorrow!

Old Business:

-Dues are due

-Sea Rovers sign-up sheet

-Do we want to reserve PCYC for banquet? Yes

New Business:

-Salem PD will most likely do 16 Feb dive Rescue demo

-Ice skating event?

-Maybe more diving events?

-Float cleaning coming up in spring- ish. Get scrapers! Good time!

-Bottle diving – take advantage of it over winter

-Shark savers lady will do presentation – after Sea Rovers

Dive Talk:

-Meg and Richard dove Sewall. Balmy 39F water; 15F air; 5 ft viz despite flat calm. 45 min dive, went to left. Didn’t see much life. Nice, despite cold temps.

-Claus dove in warm fresh water in DC; 60’ depth, 80F, great viz, in a big pool with his nephew. Dove BC-less. Also to Florida for cave diving class. Warrants a presentation; Claus has


General Discussion:

-Make Facebook post on winter island dive

-Mike’s moments

- Cruise ship sunk Fri 13th, big brou-


Raffles: – not recorded


Meeting called to order: 8:05PM

Attendance: 3 Officers, 14 Members

Many jeers were heard as our president donned her Giants cap.

Secretary: Minutes read and accepted


-So far for 2012 we have 77 members (33 paid, 44 non-paying). Dues collection has slowed down (~25 members from last year still haven’t paid)

-Courtesy cards have been shipped

-We have enough flyers left over from last year to get thru Boston Scuba & Sea Rovers



-2/9-Vic Mastone, BUAR

-4/21-Float cleaning – signup sheet is here

-5/31-Barbara Warren will present on invasive species in our area

-2/25-Boston Scuba Show

-3/10-11-Boston Sea Rovers (see below)

-Membership: 2 new members this year, and 2 members from times past have rejoined.

-Air Bubbles: electronic edition went out last night.

Old Business:

-Boston Scuba Show Feb 25

-Please sign up for manning the booth

-If you’re interested in signing up for tank inspection course, let Klaus know; he’ll try and arrange group rates

-Easter Egg dive

-Need a place for dive and party. Officers will address

-Need somebody to boil 5 doz eggs – Mary will.

Visit our website at 2

Air Bubbles – March 2012

-Vinny will lay them

-Will be Sat 4/14 or Sun 4/15 at choice of whoever’s hosting party

New Business:

-Banquet – everyone agreed we’ll use

PCYC, same food, same DJ, same limit on number of attendees (depending on where the budget is; would be nice to have more room).

-We need to renew our domain name in March. Network Solutions charges $37/yr; do we want to change to GoDaddy, which charges $11/yr? Club agreed that Markus can make that decision.

-Dive this week: meet at Burger King at 128 rest stop Beverly at 9 Sunday

Dive Talk:

-Gary went with Metro West at Old Garden. Buddy got cold and needed to be ‘rescued’.

-Ellen&Mike went to Little Cayman. Water was a chilly 79-81. Lionfish sushi was served.

General Discussion:

-DAN Stress Thermal Quiz – we learned some things!

-Mike’s Moments

-2 guys in 22’ boat were thrown out of the boat a mile offshore from the Cape and swam to shore. Boat landed in Spain 3500 mi & 3 years later

-Iran is threatening to mine Strait of Hormuz. Navy moved underwater mine-detecting dolphins in. They’ve trained whales and seals too

-Navy Seals rescued 2 people in Somalia

-Ship “Port Nicholson” sank in 1942 in 700’ water 50 miles offshore – supposedly contains platinum bars worth $3B - payment from Soviet to US for War supplies. In 2009, team from Maine got salvage rights, not

ownership rights.


Dollars Box: Ray Porter

Bug Bag: Jeff Lynch (bumper sticker “Save the Reef/Eat More Lionfish”)

Mystery Prize: Jack Munro (football platter)


Meeting called to order: 8:04PM

Attendance: 4 Officers, 19+ Members

Guest: 1, Victor Mastone of the BUAR, our speaker for the evening

Abbreviated meeting - presentation.

We had a great a presentation from Victor Mastone. Vic is the Director of the Massachusetts Board of Underwater Archeological Resources, part of Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management. He presented the research done on the Battle of Chelsea Creek.


-Currently at 80 members; please pay dues if you haven’t.

-Listing of info is available tonight; please check that your info is correct and complete.

Old Business:

-10 people last year for float cleaning.

It’s fun! Will be Apr 21 – signup sheet is here

-Boston Scuba Show Feb 25; Please sign up for manning the booth

-Need to check with Tony to see if Salem PD is coming next week

New Business:

-Bay State Council meeting last night; they are looking for clubs to donate money to fund their booth at Sea Rovers. We approved $25 for that.

-Jesse sent Mary info about a talk on freediving in Gloucester. See Mary if you want the details

Dive Talk: Jack and Arnie went to front beach. Water 38F, 35 minutes. 35-40’ vis. Saw 1 crab, 2 lobsters.

General Discussion:

-Susan Coplas has the Curtis White pool at Haverhill HS on the following days if you want to come and enjoy it, try out equipment, etc. $10. Feb 12 from 12:30-2, and March 4 12:30-2.

-Dougie Russell is giving a talk on mushrooms Apr 10 - 6:30 North

Parish Church, 3 Pond Road, Beverly


Dollars Box: John Marren

Bug Bag: Michael Donovan

Mystery Prize: Michael Donovan


Meeting called to order: 8:05PM Attendance: 3 Officers, 13 Members Secretary: Minutes read and accepted

Treasurer: Coordinated picnic with Metro West; we alternate paying for the permit; this is our year



-2/25-Boston Scuba Show. Arnie and Meg are manning the booth; others are welcome to assist.

-2/23-Adam will be presenting next week – Hawaii & Puerto Vallarta

-Events will be sent via email when they’re known, then again a week before and 2 days before. They’re also made available on the website calendar.

-Looking for speakers to fill out the year; our goal is to have 2 presentations per month

-Membership: Still looking for dues

Old Business:

-Club courtesy cards are available – please distribute to potential members

-Signup for float cleaning on 4/21.

-Boston Scuba Show Feb 25-Please sign up for manning the booth

New Business:

-Bottle Dive is due – Bring bottles and other artifacts Mar 1 – preferably from here; bottle dive Mar 4 9:30 PCYC; get in water at 10; lunch at 12; John Sears will confirm w/PCYC Commodore.

-Dive this week: meet at Burger King at 128 rest stop Beverly at 9 Sunday. Inside breakwater perhaps.

Dive Talk:

-Richard Tharin. 2 weeks ago off Back

Beach. 10’ vis, 39 degrees. Direction

060. Flat calm. Sea Raven or Sculpin, lobster fights, crabs. Good day.

General Discussion:

-Check out Mass Diving’s website for free “Discover Diving” opportunity

-NOVA show last night on diving blue holes in Bahamas – probably available on repeats – well worth

Visit our website at 3
  Air Bubbles – March 2012    
watching Secretary: Business portion of    
- We all took the “DAN Hazardous minutes read and accepted.    
Marine Life Quiz”. Treasurer: Still looking for dues Last month’s presentation  
- Guy in Australia freed killer whale Committees: on 2/9/12  
from gear – was unharmed. Whale  
- Program:    
knew he was there to help    
- Boston Scuba Show Feb 25. Arnie Victor Mastone of the MA BUAR  
- Dive Locker – missing cat has  
and Meg are manning the booth; spoke to the Club on February 9  
others are welcome.  
about his research into the Battle of
- Mike’s Moments - Mary and Ray will not be able to
Chelsea Creek and his attempt to  
- Blackbeard’s ship “Queen Anne’s  
host the St Patrick’s Day party  
figure out a probable location for  
Revenge” off the coast of NC –  
- Will not do Bottle talk on Mar 1, but  
where the remains of the British  
largest archeological project in US  
will tentatively do the dive on Mar 4;  
now – have lifted 13 cannons. On schooner HMS Diana may have  
9:30 PCYC; get in water at 10; lunch  
the outside is “concretion” ended up. He has reconstructed the
at 12; John Sears will confirm w/
- Iceland is reporting giant serpentine movements of the British and  
creature in a lake - “Icelandic Worm colonial forces during this 1775  
- Membership: Would like 2 more  
Monster” battle from diaries of the time, and  
people for membership committee  
- Google Earth is getting updated    
(per bylaws) from comparing the old maps to  
with recent soundings – getting    
Old Business: current ones.  
more and more accurate  
- Signup for float cleaning is Vic has narrowed down a location  
- Dolphins in Hawaii – whales come  
happening. where he thinks the remains of the  
in to mate – whales and dolphins are  
- Boston Sea Rovers is Mar 10-11, Diana may lie, and hopes to be able
playing together – see YouTube.
please sign up for manning the booth to dive at the site in the future. Of  
- Off New Zealand – killer whales  
New Business: course, this is a busy area today and
were attacking sharks – sharks are
- Survey sent to all active members. he will need to get permissions to  
going onto beach to escape.  
Please fill it out.  
- Man talked wife into diving then  
- Dive this week: meet at Burger King  
It was a very interesting  
turned her air off – collected $32K.  
at 128 rest stop Beverly at 9 Sunday.  
presentation enjoyed by those able  
- Coast Guard and EPA starting to  
Tony can’t be there.  
worry about 25M tons of debris from to attend the meeting.  
Dive Talk:  
Japanese earthquake – the size of    
- 6 divers went to Gloucester    
California. ¼ has sunk, ¼ to US, ¼    
Breakwater. Frilled anemone. 39F.    
to Japan, ¼ to Pacific garbage spot    
Good day. Tony tried new semi-dry    
- Video of wobbegon shark eating a    
suit. 5 finger gloves are not good.    
Bamboo Shark    
Happy Birthday Meg!    
- Shark attacks are on decline. But    
- Vinny went half-diving – wading to    
Volusia County, Florida, has a    
waist to collect clams off Dane St    
number of cases where sharks are    
biting and releasing    
Raffles: - Susan had students that went to    
freediving event. 20-25 people –    
Dollars Box: Jeff Lynch    
great! They go to 200’. 5-7 minutes.    
Bug Bag: Jack Munro – Sea Drops    
Mystery Prize: Gary Michaud - nip Raffles    
23-Feb-2012 Dollars Box: John Marren    
Bug Bag: Bob Crocker – lobster    
Meeting called to order: 8:09PM bands    
Attendance: 3 Officers, 21 Members Mystery Prize: Geoff Loynd -    
Abbreviated Meeting for trident light stick    
Presentation: Adam Hartnett      
presented videos and slides on      
diving in Hawaii & Puerto Vallarta.      
Fun show!      
Visit our website at 4
(and past member of the NSF Club)

Air Bubbles – March 2012

Boston Scuba Show, Feb 25

Some members of the North Shore Frogmen’s Club attended the Boston Scuba Show in Marlboro last weekend. Arnie and Meg had a table with some old SCUBA equipment and bits and pieces from the USS Constitution. MetroWest and the Bay State Council of Divers also had table space outside the meeting room.

There were a couple of Easy Diver movies that were fun and interesting, showing what you can expect if you dive at the featured sites.

Alex Shure showed some video of dives in the deep crack at Saturday Night Ledge. There’s not much light down there, but there are some creatures that are more often seen in places light Eastport, ME.

Of special interest was the very short slide show from Jerry Shine of a few of his favorite pictures taken over the years, some even back to the days of film!

Afterwards he was given the Paul Revere Spike Award for 2012 by Arnie Pettiglio.

The last, and featured speaker, was Jonathan Bird, who showed several of his Blue World episodes from season three, and answered questions from the audience.

And between talks, it’s a great place to hang out with divers.

Great show by all. Thank you Fred Calhoun!

Bay State Council of Divers

The next meeting of the Bay State Council of Divers is scheduled for Wednesday April 25, 2012 at the South

Shore Neptunes’ Clubhouse in Quincy at 7:30PM.

All are invited to attend these meetings

See for more information on the Bay State Council.

Northeastern University

Marine Science Center Lecture Series

All lectures take place in the Murphy Bunker at the Marine Science Center. Light refreshments will be served half an hour before the start of the program, and most lectures last for 1-1.5 hours. The MSC is ADA-accessible, and no reservations are required.

Tuesday, March 13, 2011 at 7 pm


Dr. Sal Genovese, Program Director,

Marine Science Center, Northeastern University


Friday, April 27, 2012 at 4:00pm

Dr. Nancy Knowlton, Sant Chair for Marine Biology Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of Natural History

Edible Mushrooms of Boston’s North Shore

April 10, 2012, 6:30pm North Parish Church

3 Great Pond Rd, North Andover Donation: $10

A talk by Dugie Russell, veteran professional wild mushroom forager

Dugie Russell of Beverly provided wild edible mushrooms for numerous local restaurants for many years. Now retired, Dugie is an engaging speaker. He will share some of his adventures foraging mushrooms, and talk about how to identify and collect wild mushrooms safely. Check out his web page at

We hope Dugie’s talk is the first of many.

Best mushroom collecting is in late summer and fall.

We’ll be organizing forays later this year to collect and identify choice edible mushrooms, and the first foray will be led by Dugie.

Join us for this talk and sign up for our email list!

Questions? Contact Liz Anderson at 978-474-9283

Visit our website at 5

Air Bubbles – March 2012

Upcoming Club Presentations

March 8: Club member Faith Ortins will be in the area for the Sea Rovers Show. She has graciously agreed to give us a presentation on diving in the Philippines.

April 5: Who says size matters? In a seemingly infinite ocean world, a lot of the most interesting stuff is less than an inch in length. Jerry Shine will take a look at some of it in a talk on macro New England. He also told me he will be bringing copies of his amazing new book, Nudibranchs of the Northeast.

April 19: Fred Dion of Backscatter will give us a presentation on underwater photographic equipment and techniques.

May 31: Barbara Warren of Salem Sound Coastwatch will come and speak to us about marine invasive species in our area. These are animals and plants we can expect to see diving here in New England.

More to come!!


Ride with us to your favorite ski/ride area. $80 includes round trip bus ride (Haverhill exit 49), coffee and doughnuts (up), movie (both ways), après ski party and a good time by all! Jan & Feb schedule:

Mar 3-10 Lake Tahoe trip    
Mar 14 Mount Snow    
Mar 21 Sunday River Rossignol/Blizzard *
Mar 28 Killington    
Apr 4 Sunday River-cookout Atomic/Volkl/Nordica/
  Salomon/Fischer/Rossignol/Blizzard *

* Ski brand name indicates free demo days sponsored by Buchika’s

Ski shop

Reservations are required and are secured with a deposit; call 978-346-8667. (John Ferrier regularly goes on these trips; contact him with your questions.)

Boston Sea Rovers

If you’ve never been to the Boston Sea Rovers Show, you should try it sometime, especially since it’s in our own backyard again this year, at the CoCo Key Hotel & Water Resort at 50 Ferncroft Road (off Rte 1) in Danvers, MA.

The exhibit hall has booths with most of the major SCUBA vendors, area shops, and travel agents and dive resorts willing to book you on the next best trip.

Daytime presentation topics range from diving in the tropics of the Pacific to the cold waters of Alaska and downeast Maine; from sharks to technical dive and wreck diving to how to count fish.

The Saturday evening Film Festival always has amazing stories and video, as well as the presentation for the newest Scalli internship scholarship recipient.

Brian Skerry will be Master of Ceremonies for the Film Festival, and the scheduled presenters are:

Rick Rosenthal, a two-time Emmy award-winning cinematographer and marine biologist.

Jill Heinerth, award-winning filmmaker also known as an industry pioneer in the use of closed-circuit rebreathers.

Ernie Brooks, frequently referred to as the Ansel Adams of the Underwater World for the breathtaking, timeless black and white images that he has captured on film.

Nancy McGee, explorer, documentarian, teacher, guide, business owner, movie producer, speaker and emcee who is dedicated to bringing her love for diving to others.

Tickets are available from the Sea Rovers website (for pick-up at the show), or for purchase at the door. For more information on the Saturday and Sunday daytime presentations, and for more bios on the Film Festival presenters, check it all out at Note that tickets for the Saturday night Film Festival are limited and may sell out.

*Note also that the North Shore Frogmen’s Club will have a booth at this show. Please let the Club officers know if you can spend some time helping out at the booth.

Visit our website at 6
      Air Bubbles – March 2012      
      Calendar of Events      
    March 2012   1 2 3  
      8:00 PM Meeting      
  4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
  Sunday Dive       8:00 PM Meeting   Sea Rovers  
  11 12 13 14 15 16 17  
  Sea Rovers   NEU MSC   8:00 PM Meeting      
  Clinic   lecture        
  18 19 20 21 22 23 24  
  Sunday Dive       8:00 PM Meeting   Beneath the  
  25 26 27 28 29 30 31  
  Sunday Dive       8:00 PM Meeting      
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7  
  Sunday Dive       8:00 PM Meeting      
  8 9 10 11 12 13 14  
  Sunday Dive       8:00 PM Meeting      
  15 16 17 18 19 20 21  
  Sunday Dive       8:00 PM Meeting      
  22 23 24 25 26 27 28  
  Sunday Dive       8:00 PM Meeting      
  29 30     April 2012    
  Sunday Dive          

Activities List

-Mar 8, Thur Presentation: Faith Ortins of DUI on Philippines diving

-Mar 10-11, S-S Boston Sea Rovers Show, Danvers, MA (

-Mar 13, Tue Northeastern University Marine Science Center Lecture (pg. 5)

-Mar 23-25, F-S Beneath the Sea, Meadowlands, Secaucus, NJ (

-Apr 5, Thur Presentation: Jerry Shine, “Macro New England” (pg. 6)

-Apr 19, Thur Presentation: Fred Dion from Backscatter East (pg 6)

-Apr 21, Sat Float Cleaning at PCYC, see John Sears.

- Apr 25, Wed BSC Meeting

-May 31, Thur Presentation: Barbara Warren of Salem Sound Coastwatch- (pg 6)

-Jun 28, Thur First Beach Meeting for 2012

-Jul 8-14, week Camping/Diving in Vermont

-Sept 23, Sun Club Picnics and BSC Treasure Hunt

Visit our website at 7

Air Bubbles – March 2012

The C.S.S. Hunley

By Jack Munro

The Charleston, South Carolina Old Navy Yard is a Conservatory Building. It has housed The C.S.S. Hunley since 2000, 136 years after it was found on the bottom of the Charleston Harbor.

The C.S.S. Hunley was a last ditch effort for the Confederacy to break the blockade of Charleston, S.C., taking the best features of a few other submarine prototypes that were built earlier in the War.

The C.S.S. Hunley was built in Mobile, Alabama from boiler parts, weighing in at 23 tons and nearly 40 feet long. It was shipped by rail to Charleston. Standing 4 feet tall and 42 feet wide, using hand-powered crank shafts set at 58so seven men could sit and turn the shaft via 1½ to 2 ratio turning one 3-blade

propeller. As primitive as it sounds, with an outgoing tide it could go 4 ½ knots (or 6 miles) per hour! It had a shroud around the pro- peller to give more forward thrust, something modern subs are just starting to use. The 58offset of the crankshaft gave the sub more torque, and 20 years later when diesel engines started to be used, and up to this day, they offset the crankshaft to 58for maximum torque.

The C.S.S. Hunley had diving planes, rudder and ballast tanks to control diving, and 2 hand pumps for ballasting, and also for pumping leaking because all submarine have some amount of leakage. She had a compass with compensators, 4 glass ports in each of the 2 conning towers, and top of hull ports to allow light over the cranking stations for the crew, and lanterns and candles.

When the C.S.S. Hunley was first operated, she towed an

explosive torpedo which nearly blew them up on training, so they changed to a spar torpedo, a long iron pipe, with 150 lb charge near the end. The iron pipe, with lance at the tip, would be driven into the enemy hull. The C.S.S. Hunley would back off, leaving the lance end and charge attached, and then a lanyard was pulled to set off the 150 lbs of gunpowder. The C.S.S. Hunley was then called a torpedo boat; submarines have been called boats ever since even though they are 380 feet long and displace 8000 tons. Germany called their subs U-boats, England called theirs E-boats, and the leading enlisted man on our boats, is called the Chief of Boat.

C.S.S. Hunley also had twin snorkels, 1½ inches in diameter, very short, and not used unless the water was calm. The boat was tested by the crew for endurance; 2 ½ hours was the maximum time they could stay submerged without air.

On the night of February 17th, 1864, they made their first successful attack after losing two previous crews and months and months of practice runs. That night, they ran for nearly two hours to get close to their target, U.S.S. Housatonic, a large Union warship with sails and steam power.

The Union Navy knew the Confederates had a torpedo boat but never expected a night attack far out in the harbor. The C.S.S. Hunley came in for a look, tried to get some air, and they were spotted, and U.S.S. Housatonic started firing small arms. The C.S.S. Hunley didn’t wait; they went down and attacked. The C.S.S. Hunley’s torpedo detached from the spar, they backed off and the torpedo blew up. The Housatonic sank. The C.S.S. Hunley backed off as the carbon dioxide in the boat was at its peak, and they signaled to shore with a blue light. In the crow’s nest of the U.S.S. Housatonic, the lookouts saw the blue light but also saw the dark shadow of another warship, U.S.S. Canandaigua, coming to help them, but the path was near the C.S.S. Hunley.

The question remains, did the U.S.S. Canandaigua swamp the C.S.S. Hunley while they were trying to catch their breath? There was no serious damage found on the C.S.S Hunley; conning latches were shut, crew inside were found at their stations, as was Captain Dixon, there were no signs of a struggle. The C.S.S. Hunley had no apparent external damage. Was the crew simply overcome by carbon dioxide? The blue light was seen on shore and a bonfire was lit.

One thing that caught my eye in the corner of The C.S.S. Hunley Museum was a glass display case with 8 Confederate flags and 8 medals of Honor awarded to Hunley’s crew by Jefferson Davis in 1864.

Visit our website at 8

Air Bubbles – March 2012

The Bay State Council of Divers

Supporting and promoting the recreational diving community in Massachusetts.

The Bay State Council of Divers (BSC) is a diver’s advocacy group. The BSC monitors local, state and federal regulations that may affect the recreational diving community in Massachusetts. When required, the BSC represents the interests of the diving community in these matters.

The BSC serves as a liaison between dive clubs and dive stores to promote recreational diving activity in Massachusetts. All divers are encouraged to support the BSC with an annual contribution of $5. Your contribution will allow the BSC to continue to be a strong advocate for the recreational diving community in Massachusetts.

For more information see the new BSC website at

Your NSF Club Dues are now


Consider yourself notified.

42 Water St.

Beverly MA


2011 Hours:

Tue-Fri 10-6, Sat 9-5, Sun 9-3

Sales Service Rentals


Visit our website at 9

Air Bubbles – March 2012

The North Shore Frogmen’s Club, Inc.

PO Box 3604

Peabody, MA 01961-3604

March 8: Presentation-Faith Ortins

March 10-11: Boston Sea Rovers Clinic

April 5: Presentation-Jerry Shine

April 19: Presentation-Fred Dion

DUES are now DUE!

The North Shore Frogmen’s Club

meets every Thursday (except Thanksgiving) at 8PM

at Palmer’s Cove Yacht Club

74 Leavitt Street

Salem, MA 01970

More parking available in the Harbor Sweets lot across the street.

Visit our website at

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