Air Bubbles

The Newsletter of the North Shore Frogmen’s Club

Volume 54, Number 1

January 2012

Presidents’ Messages - January 2012

The holiday season is here many of us 84 actually had a great time at our annual Christmas banquet at PCYC. The food was great, and the raffle prizes were numerous. Many thanks to Bobby Boyle for loading up the table with so many extras that he donated to us Froggies. Remember to drop by Undersea Divers check out the sales, and say hi to bob. The New Year’s Day Dive headed up by Tony V. has thirty divers already lined up to attend. Jonathan Bird came by and gave us a great slide show on his dives with the manta rays in Maldives.

The new slate of officers took over last night with Ellen Garvey taking over as Secretary. Feel free to help out and pitch in with the planning for future club events. There will be another float cleaning in 2012 at

PCYC; I'll provide the details at a later date. Last night’s meeting had

Jes Leslie back to visit the Club. He recently won a spear gun so we know he'll be hunting real soon. Winter dives will begin, and I bet we'll see bottle dives off the docks of PCYC once more.

Future presentations will see the return of Fred Calhoun with another entertaining subject. The pizza party is next Thursday, remember we start early at 7 pm. We will have a 50/50 raffle, and a few raffle prizes to help cash flow the event. Who knows who you might see on that night? We had two former members visit this week Tom Easton, and

Lisa Atkinson. It’s always fun to see friends of the club.

Have a great holiday season.

John P. Sears, NSF President, 2nd half of 2011

Another year done and another about to begin. Where did the year go? Feels like it was September yesterday, but it probably helps that it still feels like fall outside. A cold fall, granted, but one without much snow.

If we’re lucky, the New Year’s Day dive will be as warm as the previous couple of years and the turnout will be better than ever. All of which will be a great start to another year of diving.

To begin 2012, John Sears is Member of the Month, for taking over the 2011 Presidency midyear and doing a fine job of it.

Tony Vieira is Diver of the Month, for once again organizing what promises to be a great New Year’s Day Dive.

Happy Diving!

Meg Tennissen, 2012 NSF President

Club Events

Jan 1: New Year’s Day Dive at

White Beach in Manchester. (See pg. 8)

Jan 1: New Year’s Day Party at Dodie Carvalho’s house in Rockport.

(See pg. 9)

Thank You!

The North Shore Frogmen’s Club would like to thank Undersea Divers in Beverly and United Divers in Somerville for their support and contributions to our Club’s Banquet.

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President’s Message pg. 1
Meeting Summaries pg. 2-4
NSF Photo Contest pg. 5
Coming Events & Calendar pg. 6-7
2011 Banquet pg. 8
New Year’s Day pg. 9-10
Cambridge Fire Dive Team pg. 11
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Air Bubbles – January 2012

Meeting Summaries

01-DEC -2011

Meeting called to order: 8:08PM Attendance: 3 Officers, 22 Members Secretary: Minutes read an accepted

Treasurer: banquet tickets for sale; guests are invited; 12 tickets still available; cash bar.


-Program: see calendar listings

-12/8Voting for photo contest next week – the 8th.

-12/10 Banquet. Send requests to the DJ if you want to.

-12/15 Jonathan Bird on diving in the Maldives; he may be charging a fee which can be okayed by the executive committee. In the past speakers have sold books, etc.

-12/22: New officers take positions during new business.

-12/29: Pizza night at PCYC.

-1/1: New Year’s Day dive at White

Beach in Manchester 9-12

-1/1: New Year’s Day party at Dodie’s house in Rockport, 11AM start.

-Air Bubbles: Air Bubbles went out last night electronically. If anyone wants to take over the job of Air Bubbles editor, please speak up.

Old Business:

-Parking for banquet: you can park at PCYC in a non-designated spot, or at Shetland Park on the left.

-RE: officer elections; Ray made a motion that the secretary cast one vote to accept the slate of officers; motion passed and accepted.

New Business:

-Mike Lodisi gave update on Sea Rovers on March 10 & 11, 2012, noting that the Froggies have not signed up for a booth yet. Booth cost is $285 before first of the year, $300 after. The Rovers are accepting ads from non-diving concerns this year. On Friday 3/9 manufacturers of rebreathers will be doing demos in the pool. It’s at the same hotel in

Danvers as last year, can probably get

the Sea Rover rate if you want to book a room.

-Dues for next year are payable at this time. As incentive to pay before the banquet, you will get $10 worth of banquet raffle tickets.

Dive Talk:

-Mary & Ray were in Bonaire for a week and Fred & Joyce Pfeil were there for two weeks. Mary did 18 dives w/ max depth about 80 ft.

Joyce snorkeled almost as many times as Fred dove. It was cool and warm and they saw lots of stuff. Others saw 5 spotted eagle rays swimming in formation, and also an octopus. Swam through a bait ball that must have had 100,000 fish.

-Lauren was supposed to do a turkey dive on Thanksgiving; they were blown out at Stage Fort Park. Went to a few sites that looked horrible. Jack Munro gave them a tip that Back Beach was good, it was calm. 10 or so people, had freaking great vis, saw a gajillion sea ravens, never seen so many in a small area. Really fun, some of the best vis. Maybe 30’ water temp 52-53F. Another couple of divers there saw school of baby cod.

Genereal Discussion:

-Is anyone interested in a gas blending class? Claus contacted Dave and Heather; they say it’s more fun with a group. Time frame Feb or so, most likely.

-Do we want chowder at the New Year’s Day party this year, at a cost of about $75? Yes! The Jacuzzi will be open, make sure bathing suits are rinsed of soap.

-Mike G saw in Air Bubbles that there’s a course in tank inspection at the Boston Scuba Show. Would it make sense to have a Club member certified to inspect tanks? PSI inspector Fred Calhoun. Will dive shop accept it – Lewis Yes and no – depends on the shop, he uses the PSI stickers. No problems at Undersea, need certain tools to do it right. Little risky. There was an issue with some shops and the PSI stickers, a while ago, since someone took the class got

Visit our website at 2

a bunch of stickers and gave them to friends. Even at a shop, ask if the inspector is certified, ask to see their cert.

-Have news sources been contacted for the New Year’s Day dive? Can send article and pictures to NE Dive News after the event.

-Mike’s Moments:

-A fisherman in New Bedford, dragging on bottom, got a 881 lb tuna in his net, feds took it away since you can’t catch tuna in a net. He won’t be charged, but if he had sold it, would have been worth $400,000

-Nine 45’ dinosaur skeletons found in

Nevada, arranged in a straight line pattern, baffled the scientists until they realized that modern octopus will arrange skeletons of prey.

-BBC Radio tomorrow night: HMS Perseus submarine sank on Sept 7,

1941off a Greek Island, sank to 170’ after hitting a mine. One person escaped, swam 3 miles in cold choppy water while injured, locals hid him for 18months until the royal navy could get him, always question how, why he escaped. Report to the Royal Navy described the sub where he was. Diver last year documented the sub and what he said was exactly what happened. There is some debate if this really happened.

-Dodie read that a diver found a camera off Vancouver, Camera itself was totally encrusted. They took out memory card, printed pictures and were able to track the owner down using social networking. Camera was watertight for over a year.

-Mary was at the BSC meeting last night. Angelo suggested that each dive club propose a dive site for one month and all the clubs list that site as their dive of the month. The point would be to get members of different clubs together. Another option would be to hang out at a bar with other club members. Or maybe the New Bedford Oceanarium might be a place to host an event.

-Mike and Ray have Froggy stuff for

Air Bubbles – January 2012

sale tonight: 50th anniversary glasses & carabiners, and Froddy wear.

Raffles: Mystery Prize: Dodie Carvalho

Bug Bag: Bill Werner Dollars: Adam Hartnett


Meeting called to order: 8:08PM Attendance: 4 Officers, 17 Members Guests: Ronnie B, Steve M, Jen Swain Secretary: Minutes read and accepted

Treasurer: banquet 4 tickets left. 19 people paid for next year.

Correspondence: Soundings newsletter and SS Neptunes newsletter.


-Program: See calendar listing

-12/29: Pizza party usually starts around 7PM.

-1/1: New Year’s Day dive, meet at

9AM at White Beach, in the water by 10AM. Almost 30 people already signed up. Undersea Dive Society, East Coast Divers, Finatics. Emails sent out for media; no bites yet. They could just show up sometimes.

-Air Bubbles: looking for articles!


-Photo contest here tonight: ballots for voting include 6 categories, vote for top 3 choices.

-Bill mentioned at Metro West, talking about doing tubing event at NeshobaValley

Old Business: Sea Rovers do we have people to work the booth? Discussion: we usually break even with our raffle prize and cost of booth. Do ask people volunteer. By voting now, think how we want space to look. In past have had photo contest winning pictures. Should get a committee of people who will help setting it up. A motion was made, seconded and passed to pay have the booth at Sea Rovers.

Dive Talk:

-Susan – St Vincent in the Grenadines 2 weeks ago, went with Bill Tuey. Reef and critter diving. Really cater to the divers. Sue saw a critter Bill hadn’t seen before. No bottom limit;

longest dive 90 min, shortest around 70 min, saw a little seahorse. They have small stuff there. There are other islands around that you can take a ferry to. Tanks are a little pricy, but rest reasonable. Good packages for these spots. Water temp around 84. Sue was walking through the jungle up to a waterfall, passed a man walking with mask and snorkel and a homemade spear, with a fork at the end, going for river lobster. He did get some lobsters. Pirates of the Caribbean 2 and 3 filmed there.

-Tony – was one of Santa’s helper Sat and Sun a scuba event; taking underwater photos with Santa. Jerry Shine was there helping take photos.

Raffles: Dollars Box: Dodie Carvalho

Mystery Prize: John Ferrier Bug Bag: Pete Chapman

15-Dec -2011

Meeting called to order: 8:08PM Attendance: 2 Officers, 17 Members

Guests: Steve M. Jerry from Ipswich and Jen Swain

Abbreviated meeting – Jonathan Bird presentation on diving in the Maldives. Great show!!

Secretary: Minutes not read

Treasurer: not read

Old Business:

-Two more people contacted Tony for

New Year’s Day dive; now up to 25 or so.

-Banquet – 84 people attended; we did well with raffles!

Dive Talk:

-Claus dove the Pinta off NJ, a freighter. 80’ depth water was 50 degrees, splendid vis, last dive of the year, well worth it. Anyone interested in cave diving in FL in Jan, contact Claus.

-Richard T dove Niles a 2wks ago, and also 3wks ago was at Old Garden beach. 30’vis. Temp about 48F, flat calm, lots of lobsters out, it was a good day.

-Markus a few weeks ago diving at Georgia Aquarium with the whale

Visit our website at 3

sharks – they have 3-4, manta rays, black tipped reef sharks, 6 potato groupers that are huge. It is largest aquarium in the world. They take you behind the scenes, 45 min dive. Can get PADI speciality card for it, and they take those people right up to the whale sharks. You can snorkel. It was about $330, whole thing is 2.5 hrs start to finish. You are allowed to bring a wrist dive computer and your mask, they provide the rest of your gear.

Raffles: Dollars Box: John Marren Mystery Prize: Geoff Loynd Bug Bag: Jim Durso


Meeting called to order: 8:10PM

Attendance: 4 Officers, 16 total Members

Secretary: Minutes read and accepted. Treasurer: The banquet was sold out, with higher attendance (84) than last year (60-something). We made a bit of money (it’s nice to break even). It was a little crowded with the large attendance, but generally thought to be acceptable. We even had one table of PYC members!

24 members have paid for next year


Correspondence Committees:


-12/29: Pizza party at 7PM. There will be a 50/50 and other raffles.

-1/1/12: New Year’s Day Dive followed by party.

-Air Bubbles: Deadline for submissions is today.

Old Business:

-30 people are signed up for New

Year’s dive.

-Markus contacted news stations about the New Year’s dive, they’re always hit or miss, he’ll keep up on it.

He was referenced to Dan who has connections to Salem Newspaper. Markus will also check with the Marblehead Reporter.

New Business:

-New officers were instated and a round of applause was given for the

Air Bubbles – January 2012

past officers

-It was suggested and agreed that a schedule be put together for the coming year, starting with reviewing the previous years’ activities. A few folks signed up to participate in the planning along with the board.

-Vinnie is collecting dues for next year.

Dive Talk:

-Jes and Charlene were diving in

Florida. 1’ vis, 60 degrees; nothing of note. They also did a freshwater dive the previous week – clearest vis ever experienced. Jes related a story of his cousin who took some divers out at Guantanamo Bay and one shot another through the arm with a speargun; quite an experience getting a diver out of the water after that.

General Discussion:

-Mike’s moments, by Ray:

-You can have your picture taken underwater with Santa at the Atlantis dive shop in Atlanta

-The world will be ending 21-Dec 2012 according to the Mayan calendar

Raffles: Dollars Box: Vinny Egizi

Mystery Prize: Mary Howard

Bug Bag: Vinny. Froggies Best

Christmas book that was

donated by Paul Sauvageau

early in 2011

Diving /Camping Week

in Vermont 2012

The WONDERFUL WEEK in Vermont diving and camping with Annette and Pat is currently scheduled for July 8 through 14, 2012. Put the dates on your calendar and plan to come up all or part of the week.


of the Month for January 2012

Tony Vieira

for once again organizing what promises to be a great

New Year’s Day Dive.


of the Month for January 2012

John Sears

for taking over the 2011 Presidency midyear and doing a fine job of it.

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Air Bubbles – January 2012


Bill Werner

The NSF 2011 Paul Sauvageau Memorial Photography contest is now history. The winners were announced and the winning photos were displayed at the annual club banquet. The photos were taken by members who dove locally as well as various warm-water and cold-water locations from Eastport, ME; Canada; and Bonaire; to the Maldives. The member-photographers were kind enough to share some of the pictures from their diving experiences with the other members and guests. There were some great shots; if you missed them! Perhaps next year we will have even more people entering photographs from their diving adventures. Thanks to the generosity of Bob Boyle of Undersea Divers, the club’s allotted prize money was

doubled to provide six $50 gift certificates; one for each of the 1st prize winners in the six categories in this year’s contest. Unfortunately, there is simply not enough money to provide prizes for all 18 winners from 1st to 3rd place in 6 categories.

Congratulations to all the photographers and, I believe, we all appreciated your photos!

1ST PLACE: The Blue North Atlantic Meg Tennissen      
2nd PLACE: Now THAT’s a Tiller Ellen/Mike Garvey      
3rd PLACE: Beautiful Day in Canada, eh? Meg Tennissen      
1ST PLACE:          
Anemone Blanky Ellen/Mike Garvey    
2nd PLACE: Open Wide Ellen/Mike Garvey    
3rd PLACE: Can we all hide in this sponge? Mary Howard    
1ST PLACE: Oh No! She Found Me. Laura Gallagher    
2nd PLACE: Lurking in Stalked Tunicates Laura Gallagher        
3rd PLACE: Hermit Crab Laura Gallagher      
1ST PLACE: Flamingo Tongue Mary Howard      
2nd PLACE: Ornate Ghost Pipefish Ellen/Mike Garvey        
3rd PLACE: Anemone Shrimp in Anemone Mary Howard    
1ST PLACE: Deep Water Comb Jelly Laura Gallagher    
2nd PLACE: Trifecta Laura Gallagher    
3rd PLACE: Sea Raven Resting on Anemone Laura Gallagher      
1ST PLACE: Manta Ray John Ferrier      
2nd PLACE: Lionfish/Predator of Atlantic Mary Howard      
3rd PLACE: Marbled Moray Eel John Ferrier      
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Air Bubbles – January 2012

Northeastern University

Marine Science Center Lecture Series

All lectures take place in the Murphy Bunker at the Marine Science Center. Light refreshments will be served half an hour before the start of the program, and most lectures last for 1-1.5 hours. The MSC is ADA-accessible, and no reservations are required.

Tuesday, January 17, 2011 at 7 pm


Dr. David Wiley, Research Coordinator Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary

Tuesday, February 7, 2011 at 7 pm


Dr. Peter Rosen, Association Professor Department of Earth and Environmental Science, Northeastern University

Tuesday, March 13, 2011 at 7 pm


Dr. Sal Genovese, Program Director

Marine Science Center, Northeastern University


Friday, April 27, 2012 at 4:00pm

Dr. Nancy Knowlton, Sant Chair for Marine Biology Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of Natural History

Carole McCauley, Outreach Program Coordinator Northeastern University Marine Science Center 430 Nahant Road, Nahant, MA 01908

(781) 581-7370, x321;


Ride with us to your favorite ski/ride area. $80 includes round trip bus ride (Haverhill exit 49), coffee and doughnuts (up), movie (both ways), après ski party and a good time by all! Jan & Feb schedule:

Jan 4 Sunday River Feb 1 Sunday River
Jan 11 Killington Feb 8 Stratton
Jan 18 Sunday River Feb 15 Sunday River
Jan 25 Mount Snow Feb 22 Jay Peak
    Feb 29 Sunday River

Reservations are required and are secured with a deposit; call 978-346-8667.


The 61st Edition of


Directed by Alan Budreau with EMMY AWARD winners Kerry and Linda Hurd

Feb 25, 2012 (10 am to 3 pm) Marlboro Holiday Inn (jct rtes 20 and 495)


EMMY Award Winner


(new in-water film - what more can we say?)

Fred Calhoun

with a new film, Q & A, and lively commentary

Alex Shure

Saturday Night Ledge

Selected short subjects


Jerry Shine


Dive New England

This is not the order of presentations


Tickets at $20 available at the door, or in advance by writing to

Cecile Christensen, 2 Ocean Ave (1-H), Gloucester, MA 01930

Checks payable to The Dive Patrol

Bay State Council of Divers

The next meeting of the Bay State Council of Divers is scheduled for Wednesday February 8, 2012 at the South

Shore Neptunes’ Clubhouse in Quincy at 7:30PM.

All are invited to attend these meetings

See for more information on the Bay State Council.

Visit our website at 6
      Air Bubbles – January 2012      
      Calendar of Events      
  1 New Year’s 2 3 4 5 6 7  
  Day Dive &       8:00 PM Meeting      
  8 9 10 11 12 13 14  
          8:00 PM Meeting      
  15 16 17 18 19 20 21  
      NEU MSC   8:00 PM Meeting      
  22 23 24 25 26 27 28  
          8:00 PM Meeting      
  29 30 31     January 2012  
  February 2012 1 2 3 4  
    8:00 PM Meeting      
  5 6 7 8 9 10 11  
      NEU MSC BSC meeting 8:00 PM Meeting      
  12 13 14 15 16 17 18  
          8:00 PM Meeting      
  19 20 21 22 23 24 25  
          8:00 PM Meeting   Boston  
            Scuba Show  
  26 27 28 29          

Activities List

-Jan 1, Sun New Year’s Day Dive

-Jan 1, Sun New Year’s Day Party at Dodie Carvalho’s house

-Jan 17, Tue Northeastern University Marine Science Center Lecture (see pg. 6)

-Feb 8, Wed Bay State Council meeting, 7:30PM, Quincy, MA

-Feb 25, Sat Boston Scuba Show, Marlboro, MA (see pg. ??)

-Mar 11-12, S-S Boston Sea Rovers Show, Danvers, MA (

-Mar 17 (?), Sat NSF Saint Patrick’s Day Party ( see info in future newsletters)

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Air Bubbles – January 2012

The Annual President’s Banquet

December 10 at Palmer’s Cove Yacht Club

Photos courtesy of Roslyn Smith

Members/Divers of the month line up for their awards. Christmas elves Sis and Nancy
NSF Pres John Sears, PCYC Commodore Rick Morneau, NSF Treas Pat Madden, Dave Dodge, Annette Spaulding and Dodie Carvalho
Vinny Egizi, NSF Life Member & PCYC member Harry Leblanc  

We celebrated Jerry Sutherland’s

80th birthday!

Annette invited all the Froggies to come to Vermont next summer. Tony danced with his wife & his doubles!
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Air Bubbles – January 2012

New Year’s Day w/ the North Shore Frogmen – DIVING

Photos from Mary Howard

Left: the group ready to get ready to go diving.

Right: Jeff Lynch all suited up and ready to go!

Clockwise from above left:

Roslyn & Amy warming up.

Bill Werner after his dive.

Tony, John and Dave S looking at something interesting!

Paul Adler of East Coast Divers kept us fed!

Above & below: views of White Beach w/ divers.

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Air Bubbles – January 2012

New Year’s Day w/ the North Shore Frogmen – PARTY

Another beautiful day for a party at Dodie’s house!

Clockwise from top left: Graham & Bill enjoy the day; Ron, Jack & Tony; Ellen, Bard, Mike & Ray; Bard & Meg; Vinny “watching” the football game (this photo courtesy of Mia Peluso); Jerry & Marlene watching the football game (score Patriots 49 to Bills 21, sorry Jerry!); Mike & Dawn; Ron & Roslyn hot tubbin’ and conversing with Amy.

Center: Sunset view from Dodie’s deck.

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Air Bubbles – January 2012

The Cambridge Fire

Dive Rescue Team

The Cambridge Fire Dive Rescue Team was formed in 1998 with 12 divers, as a rapid deployment team to respond to ice and water rescues in our community. Since then, we have increased the number of divers to 21, and we now provide the same service to several surrounding communities 24/7/365. Our operating areas include waterways used for reservoirs, commercial and recreational boating, ferries, and tour boats. In order to meet NFPA requirements, our divers must be completely encapsulated to avoid contact with possible contaminants. That’s why we chose the

DUI TLS 350 Public Safety drysuit, with the heavy duty ZipGloves, attached latex hood, and ZipSeals. It keeps us dry and warm, even under the ice. The tri- laminate suits are lighter in weight and more flexible than the vulcanized rubber suits we used for years.

In the photo above the divers are from left to right, back row: FF Todd Koen, Lt. Steve Boyle Jr., FF Jay Martel, DFC Lester Bokuniewicz, Capt. Sean White, Lt. Jeremy Walsh, FF Dave Puopolo, FF Paul Morrison, Chief Gerald Reardon; front Row: Capt. Bill Brathwaite, FF Ken Souza, Lt. Steve Brown, Lt. Steve Landry, FF Steve Capuccio, FF Andy Mello, FF John Bell, DFC Dan Turner (Dan is the photo- grapher who took this picture)

(The article and photo above are from the Diving Unlimited International (DUI) website www.dui-

42 Water St.

Beverly MA


2011 Hours:

Tue-Fri 10-6, Sat 9-5, Sun 9-3

Sales Service Rentals


Visit our website at 11

Air Bubbles – January 2012

The North Shore Frogmen’s Club, Inc.

PO Box 3604

Peabody, MA 01961-3604

The North Shore Frogmen’s Club

meets every Thursday (except Thanksgiving) at 8PM

at Palmer’s Cove Yacht Club

74 Leavitt Street

Salem, MA 01970

More parking available in the Harbor Sweets lot across the street.

Visit our website at

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