Air Bubbles

  The Newsletter of the North Shore Frogmen’s Club
Volume 53, Number 7 July 2011

President’s Message - July 2011

Where do I begin other than to acknowledge that the Froggies have suffered an enormous loss? While diving on his most recent dive trip, Paul Sauvageau did not return home to us. I've known Paul for years, and found him to be a true friend. Paul was a two time past President of the Froggies, and loved belonging to our Club. Any activity, event or promotion that needed help, Paul was always the first to volunteer his help. Just recently the Club decided that we needed a new promotional flyer. Paul took it upon himself to produce a new one for us. He spent over eight hours of his personal time creating this for us.

I'd like to thank Jesse Leslie for the fine job he did as President for the first half of 2011. We wish you, and Charlene, all the best in Florida. As one of the most active divers in our club, we will miss the stories of your latest dive adventures. It’s great to see the newer members of the Club stepping up and becoming officers, and helping our Club grow.

The Club meeting room is now ours at PCYC, so we will be scheduling future speakers. Stay tuned, read your Air Bubbles, and Club emails for future details. Attendance at weekly meetings is growing. If we haven't seen you for a while feel free to stop by and say "hello".

The next beach meeting is set for 7/7/2011 at Whites Beach in Manchester. If you want to dive, talk to other members and meet at 5pm at Whites Beach. I was at the beach for our last beach dive which was rained out. I recommend bug spray, the little black flies were numerous.

For the Diver of the Month I choose Paul Sauvageau. For the Member of the Month I choose Paul Sauvageau.


John P. Sears

Presentations will be starting up again now that PCYC has pretty much completed construction on their meeting room.

Diver of the Month

for July 2011

Paul Sauvageau

Member of the Month

for June 2011

Paul Sauvageau

In this Issue:

President’s Message – pg. 1 Meeting Summaries – pg. 2-4 Vermont Camping/Diving – pg. 5 Calendar – pg. 6

Upcoming dive related events – pg. 7 Great Annual Fish Count – pg. 8

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Secretary: Meg Tennissen Tel: (781) 724-0071


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Air Bubbles – July 2011

Meeting Summaries


Meeting called to order: 8:03 PM Attendance: 3 Officers, 21 Members

Guests: 5 - Skip, Steve and Paul from the Finatics,

Secretary: Minutes read and accepted as amended.

Treasurer: we have money


-Program: (see calendar)

-7/28 - Susan’s Presentation

-7/10 BSC Family Fun Event at

George’s Island. There is a ferry from Columbus Park.

-Membership: Dan Hering – Frank Casagni is here tonight from Burlington, MA. He has been diving since 1991, is a member Old Colony Amphibians. Motion made, seconded and passed to accept Frank as our newest member.

-Air Bubbles: June issue went out electronically on 5/31; amended version on website.

Old Business:

-Beach meeting is next week; do we have permits for the beach meetings? Ask Paul to get them? Start at 6pm, or show up earlier to dive. Bring your own food and/or something to share.

-Ray – Is there a required protocol for replacing VP? Lauren has been nominated and accepted. In the past, new officers have been appointed.

-We will be using Café Salerno as caterer for the banquet; menu to be finalized later.

New Business: Greg F. has been a member for a month, tonight’s his first meeting

Dive Talk:

-Ken – at Pebble Beach Monday; 15’vis, 50F; saw 2 keepers, but no license.

-Mary & Amy at Plum Cove on Sunday with some Finatics. High tide vis under 10’. Mary had never seen horseshoe crab while diving before, but saw a pair; Amy got pics.

-Jes – open water class Sat and Sun, terrible vis, 1 horseshoe crab. 2 of 5 divers passed. Too cold, 44F on the first day, some people quit.

-Claus – 3 weekends in Dutch Springs. Vis 20’ to 60’; 50F warm at surface, but below 30’, in the 40s. Tested electric underwear, very nice, but probably around $1000. They lost teenage kid at 25’, drowned in out of air situation. Father unable to get the victim up from the bottom. - Last weekend demo from Poseidon marketing rebreather to recreational divers. Unit will tell the diver what to do, so if diver listens, it could be work for recreational divers. Cost ~ $7000 including training. It is different to not hear your bubbles when diving.

-Jack & Arnie at Front Beach; 8-10’, 50F; little bit of wild life, few skates, 1 sea robin, 1 flounder.

-Paul, Vinny, Dan & Geoff on Damn Boat. At Southeast breakers, 43F,

60’. Short bugs, lot of rocks, bit of current. Hard to get back to the boat. Vinny surfaced about 100 feet further than they thought. Scallop dive off

Children’s Island at 45’; current worse there. Vinny got about 30, ended up putting scallops on stomach to get back. Paul got to use his new back plate, used Nitrox and was wired until midnight. Mike Lee from the Environmental Police showed up before they were in the water, had some interesting facts. Have new numbers on tanks and on flag. Numbers should be on boat flag or a white board onboard. He did look at the tanks to check for numbers.

-Meg & Lauren at Fort Sewall Monday; about 48F, 26 feet, no keepers; surgey, vis maybe 5-6’.

-Ken in Grand Cayman on Sat for 2 dives, 85F. Roatan for 1 dive; got wife down to 80 feet.

-Email from Steffen who was diving in lake Middlefart in Denmark!

General Discussion:

-Mike Lodise posted today that he saw a frogfish eating a juvenile lionfish.

Visit our website at 2

-ScubaPro USA may have something for next week’s beach meeting.

-Mike’s Moments:

-An obit from the Globe in Feb – Christian Lambertsen. In 1939 he invented the Lambertsen O2 rebreather, sold it to OSS in 1942. It was used during WWII; in 1948 trained underwater demolition teams in the navy. 1952 coined the term Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus.

-Lionfish are really spreading in FL Keys, removed 531 fish in a derby, someone got $500 for smallest fish. Served lionfish appetizers and showed how to fillet them.

-Dolphins trained by US Navy to find mines used in Vietnam to protect against enemy swimmers. Sea lions can attach a line to bring mine up.

-Navy conducting hearing tests on beluga whales.

-2000 year old shipwreck, found off

Italy, contained 3” pipe connected to hand pump, built tank near mast forming a holding tank could hold 440lbs of live fish

This Sunday meet at BK 8am Sunday by the truck gas tanks. Recommend each meeting someone volunteers to be at the BK

Raffles: Dollars Box: Claus Schmidt

Mystery Prize: Ray Porter Bug Bag: Jeff Lynch


Meeting called to order: 8:05 PM Attendance: 2 Officers, 8 Members

Beach Meeting cancelled due to RAIN


Program: (see calendar)

-7/7 - July Beach meeting

-7/10 – Family Fun event at George’s


-7/18 through 7/24 - Pat and Annette VT dive week

-7/31 – Great Annual Fish Count

-9/25 – Annual Club Picnic and BSC Treasure Hunt

-12/10 - Banquet

Air Bubbles – July 2011

Announcement: Claus would like to have late summer/ early fall lobster bake. He heard that Rockport will give beach fire permits if you ask.

Old Business:

-For next beach meeting, put in Air Bubbles where it is, and that diving starts at 5. Check beforehand who wants to dive.

Dive Talk:

-Jeff, John, Claus & Graham at Lanes Cove; no waves, only drawback it was low tide. Plenty of parking; hasn’t been parking problems in a long time. Shorts, skates, school of

Pollack; 15’vis, 45’depth. Looked for the torpedo ray, but didn’t see it. Claus’ compass was stuck, completely wedged. Jim F was there but didn’t dive. Wonderful day.

Couple other divers there.

-Kristopher at Loblolly had a good dive. Saw a monster of an anemone.

-Bill at Lane’s 2 weeks ago; 45F. BC hose shattered, but got fixed at Cape Ann Divers. Saw red-orange sea cumber.

-Paul on Easy Divers Saturday on USS NH. Tried out drysuit; only 1 dive since it got really choppy and windy.

General Discussion: Should we take a nautical chart and indicate approximate locations of finds? Claus can get nautical charts to mark.

Raffles: Dollars Box: Mike Denneler

Mystery Prize: John Marren Bug Bag: Jeff Lynch


Meeting called to order: 8:08 PM Attendance: 3 Officers, 16 Members

Secretary: Minutes read and accepted as amended.

Treasurer: we have money; 99members since Frank C joined.

Correspondence –


- Program: (see calendar)

Announcement: – Be sure to email Pat and Annette directly if you plan to go up there for their VT diving/camping weekend. They’re looking for a head count.

New Business:

-Email from Mary – Fred Calhoun wants to take out ½ page add in Air Bubbles to advertise a Dive Patrol course. Thoughts on fee?

-Richard T asked about best way to share pictures with Club? Can use Facebook; post pictures with Froggies identified, or post on Froggie Wall.

Dive Talk:

-Richard T on the Spiegel Grove, Key Largo, FL w/ Cape Ann Divers group. Molasses Reef, temp in 80s, not much plate or brain coral in area, fish life good. Followed by medusa like jellyfish on the way down. 60’ vis, compared to New England can’t complain. Good amount of life. About 15-20 minutes on wreck. Conditions pretty good, calm, flat seas. Dive operator was great, captains very efficient. 6 dives. Max depth 110’ to the sand. Reefs 40-50’.

-Jim D – last week Wed and Fri, Salem Channel and Tinkers Island, nice scallop bed, got 132 scallops. Lost an anchor 3 weeks ago, went back

Friday and was 3’ from the anchor; 43-44F at bottom, vis 10’; some bugs that were just undersized. Found ledge, nice little wall, will go back in a few days.

-Richard off Halfway Rock last Sat, got 1-2’ seas, below 60, not much current, bugs, crabs. Didn’t get all the way around the island with the current. At Middle Breakers current was bad and 6 had to be picked up individually. Vis was 15’ at depth, temp 50F; used new drysuit.

-Markus: lobster line and pot were wrapped around a neighbor's prop (Ron "Captain Gadget"). Took him 2.5 hrs to cut out the bundle of line, about the size of a basketball. Prop metal was twisted. Bread knife was the best for cutting the rope. Had to do it in the middle of Marblehead Harbor in the current.

General Discussion:

-When will the meeting room be available? Should be next week.

-Mike’s Moments:

-Someone who takes people out in shark cages in Australia, plays

Visit our website at 3

Air Bubbles – July 2011

AC/DC, to attract the sharks.

“Shook Me All Night Long” and “Back in Black” are favorites of the sharks. They go up to the speakers and rub them.

-Website ABC News: divers off of Japan took videos of the stuff that was swept to sea by the tsunami.

-Queen Anne’s Revenge found off coast of NC. Main thing they discovered in Blackbeard’s cannons; one had led shot, nails and glass in a canvas bag, wouldn’t damage ship but would bloody the people. One cannon with 9”bolt, w cannon balls with a chain between them wrap around the mast and shear it off. Essentially made Molotov cocktails with nails etc.

Raffles: Dollars Box: Jim D’Urso

Mystery Prize: Mary Howard

Bug Bag: Richard Tharin


Meeting called to order: 8:03 PM Attendance: 3 Officers, 28 Members

Guests: Marc and Al Sauvageau and families

Secretary: Minutes read and accepted as amended.

Treasurer: we have money 99 members so far this year. Vinny met a brand new diver in Peabody who joined dive club in Burlington; told him he should join NSF.


-Membership: Dan Hering – Lauren pumped club to old high school friends who are divers.

Announcements: Our Club member,

Paul Sauvageau died on Tuesday, 6/21, on a dive trip to North Carolina. As a result, we have a larger crowd than usual at the meeting tonight, including several members of Paul’s family from out of state.

Hans let members know by email that he contacted DAN on behalf of Paul’s family.

Old Business:

-VT diving/camping week: If you plan to attend, contact Pat and Annette directly with your dates.

Dodie has 6 spaces in her cabin for folks who don’t want to camp.

Dive Talk:

-Laura & Shon at Front beach, had stripers stalking them; vis was good.

-Susan in M’head Monday, with surveyors putting in a dock, had never been part of surveying underwater. Wanted to protect theeel grass; in the water for 2.5 hours, lot of fun, gorgeous spot.

-Markus in M’head saw 2 crabs mating; another crab, was holding onto piling scratching something off his back.

-Vinny in Maine with family this week, got 2 dives in on island off

Portland. Chased 3” flounder for a while; found oysters, crabs, clams. Had a dolly with gear on ferry to bring it back, vis maybe 10’ – 1st dive in ME.

-Adam at Playa del Carmen did a whale shark snorkel, saw 30-40. 2 days of cenote diving. Saw cobia hanging above sting ray.

General Discussion:

Markus put photo of Paul on Froggie website.

Much of the meeting was turned over to reminiscences of Paul, from skiing with Dodie to talking cameras with Lauren to how Vinny joined the club within a week of meeting Paul; from diving on Damn Boat, taking pictures at events and going on trips with other Club members. He was an avid diver, underwater photographer, skier, and was taking dancing lessons.

A wake is tentatively scheduled for next Tuesday.

Bill Werner drove down to North Carolina with Paul. Bill is still down there with the rest of the divers on the trip, trying to make the best of a bad situation after being blown out on Monday, their first day there.

-Mike’s Moments: 7 fishermen on a boat brought in 1000 lb mako shark, it took them 4 hours to get it in.

Raffles: Dollars Box: Barry Weldon

Mystery Prize: Mike Denneler


No meeting held on 6/30. Members attended a Celebration of Paul’s Life gathering at the Lyceum in Salem.

Paul with Myong on 6/11/11.

The Bay State

Council of Divers

Supporting and promoting the recreational diving community in Massachusetts.

The Bay State Council of Divers (BSC) is a diver’s advocacy group.

The BSC monitors local, state and federal regulations that may affect the recreational diving community in Massachusetts. When required, the BSC represents the interests of the diving community in these matters.

The BSC serves as a liaison between dive clubs and dive stores to promote recreational diving activity in Massachusetts. All divers are encouraged to support the BSC with an annual contribution of $5. Your contribution will allow the BSC to continue to be a strong advocate for the recreational diving community in Massachusetts.

See for more information on the Bay State Council.

Visit our website at 4

Air Bubbles – July 2011

Froggy Blankets

John Sears is planning an order of fleece blankets with the Freddy the Frog logo as pictured below (only without 2010).

Let him know if you are interested and whether he should pursue this order. He will need a minimum order of 25 blankets. The projected price is in the neighbor-hood of $30.

Place your order with John and give him a deposit of $10 for each blanket ordered. Please respond SOON.

Please join in welcoming our newest Club member:

Frank Casagni

of Burlington who was voted in at the

meeting on June 2.

  It is now after April 15!
Who: Annette and Pat
Where: 128 Parker Hill Rd
  Rockingham, VT
When: Monday, July 18 to Sunday, July 24
Accommodations: Plenty of room for tents,
  campers, etc.
Food: Breakfast and dinner will be
  provided as well as all the fixings
  for lunches (same as last year).

Tanks can be filled at Dave Dodge's shop in Keene which is 1/2 hr drive.

Be sure to notify Annette and Pat if you plan on attending. Their email is Let them know the dates you will be up there to visit with them. They’ll need to know how many are coming.

Visit our website at 5
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    Activities List
- July 7, Thur Beach Meeting
- July 10, Sat Family Fun Event at George’s Island, Boston Harbor (pg 7)
- July 13, Wed Bay State Council Meeting
- July 18-24 Camping/Diving Week in Vermont with Annette and Pat (pg 5)
- July 31, Sun Great Annual Fish Count at Stage Fort Park (pg 8)
- Sept 14, Wed Bay State Council Meeting
- Sept 25, Sun Diving Clubs Picnic and BSC Treasure Hunt at Stage Fort Park
- Dec 10, Sat Annual NSF President’s Banquet at PCYC
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Air Bubbles – July 2011

Upcoming Events of interest to SCUBA divers:

Family Fun Event, George’s Island, July 10

The BSC is planning this event on Boston Harbor’s George’s Island, to be held weather permitting.

You can take your own boat, and there is ferry service from Boston. There are some moorings, and there is a dock. You can hop on the water taxi to visit other islands.

There are picnic areas on either side of the dock with small charcoal grills. It is recommended that each Club bring a bag of charcoal.

Fort Warren is being restored. Tours of the Fort are free, at scheduled times. Bring battery powered flashlights for touring the fort.

If you want to come without any food, Jasper

White’s is building a restaurant on the island.

There is NO DIVING OFF THE ISLAND, but you can dive off boats. The currents are too strong and lots of boat traffic right off the island.

The Neptunes will bring a volleyball net.

The day will be great for picnicking, sun bathing, hanging out.

Go to DCR (Dept of Conservation and Recreation) or Boston Harbor for info on the ferry service from Long Wharf, by Columbus Park.

Marine Science Center’s

Summer Cinema Series

You are cordially invited to attend any and all of the

Marine Science Center’s monthly Summer Cinema By The

Sea series this summer, for which the schedule appears below. Movie showings are held in the Murphy Bunker at the MSC (430 Nahant Road, Nahant, MA 01908), which is ADA accessible. Most programs last from 1 to 1.5 hours including Q&A with film’s producer or expert on the topic, and light refreshments are served half an hour before the program begins. No RSVP is required.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011 at 7pm


Braving whitewater, sewage, snapping turtles, hydroelectric dams, homeland security patrols, Christopher Swain became the first person to swim the entire length of the Hudson River from the Adirondacks to New York City, highlighting how ordinary citizens can and do make a difference with regard to their environment.

Vu Lam, Outreach Program Coop, Nahant, Ma 01908 781-581-7370 ext 321

The Next BSC Meeting

The next two meetings of the Bay State Council of Divers are scheduled for Wednesdays, July 13 and September 19, 2011 at the South Shore Neptunes’

Clubhouse in Quincy at 7:30PM.

All are invited to attend these meetings

Feb 25, 2012 (10AM to 2PM)

at the Holiday Inn, Marlboro, Mass,

The Boston Scuba Show presents

Jonathan Bird and Fred Calhoun - witty sayings, soft-shoe routines, and Scuba Films/Stuff.

Annual Paul Revere Spike Award (to be announced).

Visit our website at 7

Air Bubbles – July 2011

On July 31, 2011, The New England Aquarium Dive Club and The Reef Environmental Education Foundation (REEF) will host the 10th Annual New England REEF/GAFC Celebration Event.

The celebration will be centered at Stage Fort Park in Gloucester, Massachusetts. GAFC dives are planned at several shore locations around Cape Ann, along with dives at Nubble Light, York, ME. There will be a picnic, free raffles and door prizes. Every diver who submits data upon returning to the picnic area will receive one entry into the grand prize raffle drawing. We are expecting more than 150 divers to participate in the day’s celebration.

The REEF Fish Survey Project allows volunteer SCUBA divers and snorkelers to collect and report information on marine fish populations. The data are collected using a fun and easy standardized method, and are housed in a publicly-accessible database on REEF's Website. These data are used by a variety of resource agencies and researchers. In 2001, the acclaimed REEF Fish Survey Project and the Great Annual Fish Count was introduced to New England's SCUBA-diving community.

Last year we had 104 Divers, 114 Surveys, and 31 species. For the ninth year in a row, it was the largest single-day Great Annual Fish Count (GAFC) event. After conducting their surveys, divers gathered at Stage Fort Park in Gloucester, MA, for fun, food, and prizes (over $8,000 in prizes were donated for the event).

NOTE that you will need a REEF ID card / number to participate in the survey. Get yours at:

Preregistration is required.

42 Water St.

Beverly MA


2011 Hours:

Tue-Fri 10-6, Sat 9-5, Sun 9-3

Sales Service Rentals


Visit our website at 8

Air Bubbles – July 2011

The North Shore Frogmen’s Club Inc

PO Box 3604

Peabody, MA 01961-3604

Upcoming Event

July 7: Beach Meeting

July 10: George’s Island Event

July 18-24: VT Diving/Camping Week

July 31: GAFC

The North Shore Frogmen’s Club

meets at 8PM at the

Palmer’s Cove Yacht Club in Salem

at 74 Leavitt Street

Salem, MA 01970

Parking is available in the Harbor Sweets lot across the street.

Parking will be more available in the PCYC lot after the boats are in the water.

Visit our website at