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  The Newsletter of the North Shore Frogmen’s Club
Volume 53, Number 4 April 2011

President’s Message - March 2011

Spring is here! Time to dust off your dive gear and get wet. There have been a few diehards diving in wet suits (not me); soon it will be time for the rest of us get wet.

This has been a busy month and a lot has been accomplished. The NSF booth at the Boston Sea Rovers show was a success. I would like to thank everyone that came out and sold raffle tickets, advertised for the club, and networked with local divers.

Also, the club website has been updated and now looks great! A special thanks to Markus for all his time and effort. It really paid off.

As many of you know Harry VanGeenHoven Sr. passed away early this month. Our thoughts and prayers are with the VanGeenHoven family.

Upcoming events:

Weekend diving, we’ll be hitting the water every Saturday and Sunday

10am at PCYC (meet in the parking lot).

Palmer’s Cove Yacht Club continues to be under renovation and will be through the beginning of May. As a result all guest presentations are on hold. Weekly meetings will be held as normal at 8pm on Thursday evenings. Come down early and have some dinner, great food, cheap prices.

D.O.M: This month I would like to recognize Lauren Byrne. Lauren has been braving the cold and diving the frigid New England water in a wet suit. Lauren has proven herself as a pro bottle diver by finding two valuable clay bottles on her first bottle dive. I, on the same dive, managed to find nothing.

M.O.M: This month I would like to recognize Bobby Boyle. Bob, for years, has supported the North Shore Frogmen. Most recently Bob donated a beautiful travel bag, which was raffled off at Sea Rovers.

I strongly encourage all Froggies to support Undersea Divers of Beverly. Head on

down to the shop, check out what they have, maybe sign up for that next class you’ve been putting off. At the very least stop in and let Bob know that we appreciate what he does for the club.


DOM Lauren Byrne

MOM Bob Boyle with friends at Sea Rovers


President’s Message – pg. 1 Meeting Summaries – pg. 2-5 Diver/Member of the Month – pg. 5 Float Cleaning – pg. 6

New! Froggy Blankets – pg. 6 Upcoming dive related events – pg. 7 Calendar – pg. 8

Eight Survived, by J. Munro – pg. 9-10

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The North Shore Frogmen’s Club

PO Box 3604

Peabody, MA 01961


President: Jesse Leslie Tel: (978) 335-1811


Vice President: John Sears Tel: 978-750-4745


Treasurer: Vinny Egizi Tel: (858) 342-3365


Secretary: Meg Tennissen Tel: (781) 724-0071


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Membership: Dan Hering

Newsletter: Mary Howard

Tel: (781) 944-1292


Webmaster: Markus Diersbock

*Deadline for submissions* to the May 2011 issue

of Air Bubbles is

Thursday, April 21

Please have all articles and information to the

Air Bubbles editor by April 21, 2011.

Air Bubbles – April 2011

Meeting Summaries


Meeting called to order: 8:07 PM Attendance: 4 Officers, 15 Members Guests: Rick Stratton, Tom Easton (former president)

Secretary: Minutes read and accepted as amended.

Treasurer: report read and accepted. We have money. 38 paid members so far, 39 non-paying members. What is the best way to collect dues? In the past, a list of non-paying members was put in the newsletter. Option to use PayPal to pay online?

Correspondence: Vinny had an interview with Jeff Farins brother Chris. Jeffs doing well, near DelRay,

FL. Chris wants Jeff back here this summer.


- We like the website! Send Markus an email let him know we appreciate it. Old website had link to bios. We did have a history of all club officers on the old site; Paul has a copy of this if we want to add this onto the new website

Old site had something connected to blogger – you could go in and blog about a dive if you had a good one. Basically a shared dive log, got people coming back to the site.

The Bios were called „Meet a Froggie, and most people would write their own bios, answering certain questions about themselves.

The Froggie emblem is not on the homepage

- There are a few Froggie t-shirts left, $10 each.


-Program: See activities list.

-3/5-6 - Sea Rovers in Danvers. Faith is presenting on Sunday. Mary has schedules. Club will be setting up for Sea Rovers Sat AM.

-6/9 & 7/7 beach meetings.

-7/18-24-Pat and Annettes Vermont week.

-7/31 - Great Annual Fish Count

-Air Bubbles: Mary Howard – March Air Bubbles went out last night – all members are encouraged to submit

New Business:

-PCYC is requesting Froggies to do float cleaning sometime in the future perhaps in April. John S has done it in the past on a Sat or Sunday, using a scraper. We were asked tonight when we would do it. It should be easier now than it was in the past. John will find out details. Paul said he would like to get some photos, maybe next weekend, before the dock scraping is done. Nudibranchs stand out in the mud and there are a lot of them.

-Faith – DOG Days in Mid May, weekend of 14May11, special year, 10th yr at Stage Fort Park. Sat night, need reps from Froggies to attend dinner for official reason, cant tell us why. Sunday, theres a contest, 3 people for a dry suit rodeo, 2 people, in their dysuits, dress the 3rd in a suit about 3 sizes too big, inflate them fully, tow them out and bring them back in , winners get a DUI jacket. Part of it is putting on the zip seals, and you must be dry when you come out…come out cheer your team, pick small person to tow.

Dive Talk:

-Faith dove 2 weeks ago on the Yukon in San Diego, great dive. On the way out they saw dolphins; got to the wreck, grey whales cruising by; vis not good but saw blurs around, there were sea lions buzzing them constantly. All of the sea lions where behind Faith by about 6inches. Her buddy so busy taking pictures didnt tell her what was going on. The Sea lions hung out with the divers on the surface interval. Vis not great, but great dive

-Jes and Lauren B did bottle dive at PCYC, about 35 degrees and no sea life. They found some old bottles, stirred up the silt. Lauren did find 2 really cool clay bottles, one from Germany, one from London. They were in the water for at least an hour.

General Discussion:

Visit our website at 2

-Dawn asked if we requested the DJ yet for the banquet? She doesnt need a deposit. We do need an outside caterer. Faith has someone in mind. The DJ has requested some of the Froggies to show up at the Moose

Club on Friday nights, just say youre here with Dawn (the DJ)

-John is still taking deposits for fleece blankets.

-Sea Rovers, take projector maybe if we have photos. We had a slide show a few years ago. Had one on the 50th. Dave B has a laptop or monitor wide screen can drop it off Sat morning. Any artifacts? Lewis can put together a photo slideshow tomorrow if people send him pictures.

-Sea Rovers (and tonight) Bobby donated a travel gear bag worth $250; tickets are $5 for 1, 3 for $10. Need to have a sign with the Undersea Divers logo for Sea Rovers.

-Boston Scuba show was last weekend, Jack, Arnie, Meg manned the booth. There was a Cathedral Rocks presentation. Dallas Edmonton talked about Great Lakes diving. Cathy Church was more philosophical, why we dive and do underwater photography. John Blackadar got the spike, old time member of the Neptunes, used to be in charge of underwater dive accidents for years.

-Mikes Moments: A father and daughter fell off a winterized pier in P-town. The 7year old girl hung off rope on the pier, and a man who works near there, and is also a diver, threw the guy a life ring. He then jumped in the water and brought the father and daughter to a float. After wards, he went to buddys house took a shower and then went back to work at a museum.

Raffles: Dollars Box: John Sears Mystery Prize: Mike Denneler Bug Bag: Dive bag which will be

raffled at Sea Rovers


Meeting called to order: 8:03PM

Air Bubbles – April 2011

Attendance: 4 Officers, 16 total Members

Secretary: Minutes read and accepted. Treasurer: report read and accepted. 8 people paid dues this week, several paid at Sea Rovers, one via PayPal. PayPal account is set up with There are 2 options to pay, with and without BSC dues. Markus not able to put link on the website yet. Have to pay by typing in the email address. Bag that was raffled off at Sea Rovers

was donated by Bob, won by Meg.

Announcements: Tony in contact with ScubaPro pres for US, he offered to donate stuff to us. Tony will work on seeing what he can get.

Correspondence Committees:

-Program: See calendar

-5/ 1-Easter Egg Dive & Party

-5/14-DUI dinner

-12/11-NSF Annual Banquet

-Membership: Saw a lot of walkthroughs at Sea Rovers.

-Air Bubbles: Give travel articles to editor if you go anywhere cool.

Old Business:

-The Club did well at Sea Rovers; a lot of people came by and were interested. First time weve had the show in our “backyard”, so saw a lot of local people. Gave out about 100 flyers.

-Website: At this time, the info on the website for officers is their personal email. Can the email be updated to be generic emails which could be given to new officers as they came in?

-Sea Rovers – Lewis did a great job on the slideshow, all had the Froggie Logo, thank him next time you see him.

-John spoke with PCYC about float cleaning. Sat April 16 was picked for the date, meet at 10am. Get as many people as we can, including shore support. John will see if we can be given lunch. This is a way to pay back to PCYC for hosting our club every week. They will supply the

scrapers; will let us know which floats to work on. Looks like theres not too much growth on them from what weve seen diving here.

New Business:

-There will be a hyperbaric chamber conference in Providence in the fall. If we send them a few hundred flyers, theyll make sure everyone gets one. It could get our name out to a large group of people. They keep a list of what chambers are open 24hrs.

Dive Talk: Claus tried to go out Sat w/ Cape Ann Divers, seas a little rough, went to the Polling. They hooked up to mooring, 6 divers went in, then the mooring line snapped. Two were on the line came back, 4 did the dive, and had 60vis. Whole group decided to call it a day since it was so rough, Cape Ann refunded everyones money.

General Discussion:

-Still taking orders for blankets through the end of April. Need min of 25 orders.

-For anyone that has a Smart Phone, theres an app “London Dive Chamber” that tells you where the closest chamber is.

-Jes has a coworker who is selling a SeaQuest M/L BCD if you are interested.

-Mikes Moments:

Someone had lobster permit, took bunch of shorts and eggers and was caught, went through court, reduced it to 1 short, but was nailed f


Meeting called to order: 8:01PM

Attendance: 3 Officers, 13 total Members

Guests: Christopher and Derek

Secretary: Minutes read and accepted as amended.

Treasurer: report read and accepted.

Collected 10 more membersdues, 2 via PayPal. Type in the email address since theres no direct link to PayPal on the website. Vinny will add the option to purchase banquet tickets via PayPal later.

Visit our website at 3

Announcements: Today is Pauls birthday.


-Paul received email from Susan Yokelson of Salem Sound Coast Watch – upcoming symposium State of Salem Sound, Past, Present and Future – learn whats happening in our backyard. Friday 3/25 9am- 12:30pm Wylie Conference Center at Endicott College, 3/26 Salem State U., 2 sessions, students and SalemSound Coast Watch Members $15 for2/$10for 1, more for the general public.

-Paul got a postcard form Annette and Pat, saying how great it was to see all the froggies at Sea Rovers and are looking forward to coming down to some meetings after tax season


-Program: See calendar

-Membership: A few hits, one from Derek, and Christopher is visiting. Think well get more hits with the excellent new website and warmer weather.

Old Business:

-Float cleaning on 16April –meet at 10am, hope to have lunch arranged for us around noon. If not diving, come on by for shore support. Can do junk dive afterwards.

-Website: Vinny will ask Markus this week to set up emails for officers on the website; also if he can add a section on how to pay by PayPal.

-Easter Egg dive: John will happily pass on the task of boiling and laying the eggs for the dive at Cressi Beach, Stage Fort Park. Vinny can bring his kayak. Last year most of the eggs were found.

Dive Talk: Meg and Lauren at PCYC

51minutes, about 6vis. Meg got 4 bottles, Lauren nothing good. Vinny thinking coming here Sat or Sun around 10am.

General Discussion:

-Harry VanGeenHovens father passed away diving in Bonaire. We have a card to sign.

-Today is St Patricks Day. He was born in Scotland, abducted by Irish

Air Bubbles – April 2011

pirates, his color is sky blue, and the 1st St. Patricks Day parade was in


-Charlene ate gator for the first time,

-John Sears and Shon Duboiss work blew up last week. Everyone is OK.

-Melrose/Wakefield Hospital will be getting a hyperbaric chamber this year

-Email from Jonathan, 3 spots left on Maldieves trip. Biggest manta migration in the world. $3695, 10 day trip, doesnt include airfare. On the

Indian Ocean

-Vinny posted some pictures from SeaRovers on the FaceBook page.

-Since the earthquake, the US is closer to Japan by 8 ft, and the day is 6/1000 of a second shorter.

-Mikes Moments:

-First accurate survey of sharks in Pacific, there are a lot fewer than was thought. Great Whites around AU/NZ and SA, had dropped by 90% in last 10 years

-A couple of past Froggies live in Hawaii – one lives north of Hilo, 4.something earthquake the same day as the tsunami, invites all froggies to come by tonight for a party. One on western side of big island, Kona had 15tidal surge,

10mil of dollars in damage. They expect to lose Japanese tourist dollars, which is 20% of revenue for the state.

-Huge lobster saved from the pot in London, “massive bug" 9 pound lobster. Person fishing for flounder in 14of water.

-Filter disks from the Hooksett waste water treatment plant were released from the plant, now saying there are 8million of them washing up, and theyre contaminated. They attract bacteria as water goes though plant, and filter it out. Dont know why they got loose, something must of broke. 40mil in plant, 20% got out. Well probably see some this year, probably be pretty inert by then.

-Mike Miller says hello.

Raffles: Dollars Box: Christopher

Mystery Prize: Ray Porter Bug Bag: John Marren


Meeting called to order: 7:57PM Attendance: 4 Officers, 18 Members Secretary: Minutes read and accepted.

Treasurer: report read and accepted. We have money. Another person paid via payPal. 92 members, 90 paid – 2 active military members, dont pay dues.


Dugie Russell will be speaking at the Beverly Library this Monday morning about the New Hampshire.

Aquarium Dive Club doing whale watch 30April. You are invited.

MetroWest is having another Scuba Swap on Tues 4/12 at the Marriott Ctyd in Natick. Anything/gear you want to get rid of, make your own deals, name your own prices. Everything sold quickly last time.

Correspondence: In the PO Box, we got an advertisement for PrintMakers if you are interested in having your pictures printed up. Also got a copy of the South Shore Neptunes newsletter.


-Program: see activities calendar

-Air Bubbles: deadline was Monday.

Old Business: Float cleaning, 10 people have signed up would like to get a dozen or more. Might be good to look for invasives before scraping.

Dive Talk:

-Richard in his new dry suit at Back Beach, 5vis, 39F, all the seals held. The next week same conditions


-Vinny, John S and potential new person, Chris, relatively new diver, first cold water dive, rented all the gear did a bottle dive here, as soon as they went in the water, the rig at the club for hoisting the boats out dropped the chain. They helped them get the chain back. It was 39F vis 10-12 ft and they went straight out, John got nothing, Chris got top of

Visit our website at 4

a broken bottle, Vinny got some bottles that are here tonight.

-Susan in Dominica a few weeks ago with her daughter. NE Aquarium members were there, doing an underwater live broadcast for educational purposes. It was broadcast at the bar and online. Did a night dive with them, wore special glasses that can filter out the light and used special UV flashlights, colors really come out bright. Water temp around 79F. Had great lodging and did hiking and rappelled down a waterfall.

-Claus – finally surrendered to Pool diving since blown out past few weeks. Pool in Salem NH, theyre tolerant of divers. Warm water, great vis.

-Jes in Venice FL 6 dives in 3 days got a 4” megalodon tooth. It is soaking in fresh water for 30 days. Got some fossils, whale bones. Sandy bottom at a place called the boneyard, all of a sudden saw 4” tooth. Teeth have been there 2-10milion years. Lot of fossils around, but need to be selective. It used to be a river there when it rained everything flooded and settled there.

General Discussion:

-Claus asked for recommendations for a Wreck course; North Atlantic Dive Expeditions in Salem was suggested.

-Salem Sound Coastwatch Symposium

– made first page of Salem news yesterday.

-Gloucester is requesting a waiver of the clean water act requiring secondary treatment. If EPA releases the waiver, it will cost residents of Gloucester a lot more in fees and they already pay a high fee.

-Mikes Moments:

-Japanese have a fish giant oarfish, usually lives 3000deep, they rise and beach themselves before an earthquake – can sense seismic waves

-Whale watch off South Afr. 30right whale breached and landed on the boat and then fell off. It broke off the mast. These whales cant see, so

Air Bubbles – April 2011

when motor turned off whale didnt know the boat was there.

-Theres a dolphin swimming around Gloucester dolphin. Its illegal to get close or feed dolphins. This one is swimming in tight circles and it may be a sign its distressed.

Raffles: Dollars Box: Mike Denneler

Mystery Prize: Richard Tharin

Bug Bag: Jim DUrso

Diver of the Month

for April 2011

Lauren Byrne

has been braving the cold and diving the frigid New England water in a wet suit, and she has proven herself a pro bottle diver.

Member of the Month

for April 2011

Bob Boyle

who has supported the North Shore Frogmen

for years.

The Next BSC Meeting

The next meeting of the Bay State Council of Divers scheduled for Wednesday, May 11, 2011 at the

South Shore Neptunes’ Clubhouse in Quincy.

All are invited to attend these meetings

Visit our website at 5

Air Bubbles – April 2011

Float Cleaning

at Palmer’s Cove Yacht Club

The Froggies have been asked to clean the floats for the docks at PCYC. We’re asking as many members as can make it to come help scrape the growth off the floats on Saturday, April 16. Come to get set up at 10AM. If members have small hand-held ice scrapers, they should bring them to use for scraping. I’m hoping to have a dozen or more divers, and could also use some shore (dock) support people.

Lunch should be provided at noon.

I have a sign-up list for members who will be participating.

John Sears

Froggy Blankets

John Sears is planning an order of fleece blankets with the Freddy the Frog logo as pictured below (only without 2010).

Let him know if you are interested and whether he should pursue this order. He will need a minimum order of 25 blankets. The projected price is in the neighbor-hood of $30.

Place your order with John and give him a deposit of $10 for each blanket ordered. Please respond by the end of April.

Why does Treasurer Vinny look so happy?

Because you can now pay your dues using PayPal!!

We now accept payment viaPayPal by sendingyourpayment to:

Dues are $47 - which includes an optional $5 forBay State Council.

Visit our website at 6

Air Bubbles – April 2011

Upcoming Events of interest to SCUBA divers:


You are cordially invited to attend the Northeastern University Marine Science Center’s lectures. Lectures are held in the Murphy Bunker at the MSC (430 Nahant Road, Nahant, MA 01908), which is ADA accessible. Programs last from 1 to 1.5 hours, and light refreshments are served half an hour before the program begins. No RSVP is required.


Friday, April 29, 2011 at 4:30pm





Dr. Emmett Duffy, Loretta and Lewis Glucksman Professor of Marine Science, Virginia Institute of Marine Science, The College of William and Mary

MWDC Gear Swap

MetroWest Dive Club is sponsoring a Gear Swap on Tuesday, April 12 at the Marriott Courtyard Hotel in Natick from 6:30PM to 9:30PM.

Contact NSF member Richard Tharin and let him know what you plan to bring so he can advertise your items, OR just show up with your gear, or with a need for gear.

Andrew Martinez Presentation

The Salem State University Scuba Club will host a presentation on "Marine Life of the North Atlantic" by underwater photographer Andrew Martinez on Friday, April 29th at 7 PM in Slater Lecture Hall.

For more than 40 years, Andrew Martinez has been diving around the world. His work has been published in most nature, travel, and dive magazines. His photos are used in books and displays in the New England Aquarium and many other aquaria and science centers. The new and expanded 4th edition of his popular book, Marine Life of the North Atlantic, is considered the best guide to this region. Andy will sell and sign copies of the book after his lecture.

Slater Lecture Hall is located on the 4th Floor of Meier Hall (Room 444, rear corner of 4th floor) on the North Campus of Salem State University. Meier Hall is on Lafayette Street next to the Mainstage Auditorium. Parking is available in North Campus Lots C & A. For directions go to

Ted Maney

Lab Instructor, Department of Biology

Scuba Club Faculty Advisor

Salem State University

But what is Meg smirking about?

Visit our website at 7
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  Sunday Dive                        
  29   30                    
  Sunday Dive           May          
                Activities List      
- Apr 16, Sat   FLOAT CLEANING at PCYC – see page 6      
- May 1, Sun   Easter Egg Dive & Party. Dive 9am at Stage Fort Park; Party starts at
- May 14-15, S&S DUI Demo Days at Stage Fort Park      
- Jun 9, Thur   Beach Meeting        
- July 7, Thur   Beach Meeting        
- July 18-24   Week in Vermont with Annette and Pat      
- July 31, Sun Great Annual Fish Count at Stage Fort Park      
- Sept 25, Sun Club Picnic at Stage Fort Park        
- Dec 10, Sat   Annual NSF President’s Banquet at PCYC      
Visit our website at 8

Air Bubbles – April 2011


By Jack Munro

The book, Eight Survived, written by Doug Campbell was about the and evading of capture by the Japanese

diesel-powered fleet boat similar to the The USS Flier was 312 feet long, 4

2 diesels and was only 250 feet long. longer distances in the Pacific than the Flier’s story, like many others, would families back home supporting the families of the crew saved letters, allowing this story to be told some 60

Aboard the USS Flier were a mix of sub school, both officers and enlisted known to the crew, was usually older, used by sub crews for 100 years even average of 360 to 520 feet). Skippers USS Flier graduated in 1931 from the a Junior Officer and then an Executive command of a fleet boat.

USS Flier, a WWII submarine, whose survival was a miracle. The USS Flier was a German type VII U-boat but larger. diesels vs. the VII-type which only had The American boats, having to go Germans in the Atlantic. The USS never have been told if not for the crews that served on the ships. The written by the crew of the USS Flier, years later.

older vets and newer guys fresh out of men. The captain or “skipper”, as having served on the boats (the term though subs have gotten bigger,

like Commander John Crowley on the Naval Academy, served on S-Boats as Officer before being selected for

On USS Flier’s first war patrol, she sunk three ships and damaged two others. On her 2nd war patrol, she left Australia in order to hunt in cooperation with other boats in wolf packs against the Japanese. Each boat was supposed to report their track out and back, what was safe, deep and shallows, probable mine areas, etc. The USS Flier’s hunting grounds were near the many islands of the Philippines when the unexpected happened. The USS Flier was in an area considered safe by headquarters and other boats, in 360 feet of water riding at night. They struck a mine on the port side forward, with 600 to 1000 lbs of explosives causing a probable internal explosion from venting hydrogen gas from the forward battery. It happened so

quickly that the only alarm that sounded was “Abandon Ship”; the boat sunk in 25


Eight people were topside, three more were blown out of the conning tower hatch from the control room. The boat was gone; it was pitch black, there were no life vests, no way to count how many were in the water. As much as they could in the dark, they stayed together. By daybreak they had a rough count; 14 men escaped; daylight came, 10 men, every man for himself. They were heading for the three islands they could see. All but one man removed their boots and shoes to swim better; they then regretted their decisions to do so when they reached the coral reefs and rocks and got cuts and infections on their feet.

Visit our website at 9

Air Bubbles – April 2011

It took nearly a whole day to get to the first island. They found no food or water, all exhausted and sunburned with cuts all over their feet. The next count on men was 7; when they came ashore there were 8, but one man was swept to another part of the island by the current, and they later reunited. Captain Crowley and Executive Officer Liddell, who was the boat’s navigator, knew the islands better than anyone, so that next designation was which island to swim to where the Japanese would not detect them. There were guerilla forces to beware of, coast watchers – soldiers disguised to look like the natives – to keep an eye out for help, but they realized that their #1 priority was to find food and water. They were able to gather some rain water from sea shells from a quick rainstorm for a few sips of water.

At daybreak, they started swimming; their feet still sore with cuts and infections, and there were some sharks swimming about, but the big worry was the salt water crocodiles. They made it to the next island where they met up with the coast watches and then the resistance fighters and some families who befriended them. They had to keep moving because the Japanese made regular patrols by water and air. After a week without a meal they finally had food but they had to keep moving; the Japanese were always checking and that meant moving to another island which would take a boat to get them to safety.

Prior to USS Flier’s sinking and transit to the ops areas, the USS Redfin, another boat in the area, had dropped off 5 U.S. Army soldiers (coast watchers) chosen because they looked and spoke like the natives on these islands. One of their jobs was to look out for sub sailors and other shipwrecked boats on and around the island, as well as watching and radioing in Japanese ship movements in the areas. There were also guerillas, who from the start of the invasion by the Japanese, would conduct hit and run ops against them to hinder their movements. Both of these groups played a key role in helping and rescuing the crew members of the USS Flier and of other boats and planes. There were other coast watchers comprised of many other countries including Australians, New Zealanders, British, Filipino, as well as Americans.

A crew member on the USS Flier, Elton Brubaker, had a mother and sister whom he regularly communicated with during his time on the boat. His mother and sister were haunted by all of the letters which they kept for over 50 years! His sister, Charlotte, was a teacher. A friend convinced her to talk about these letters and her brother’s experience and she wrote all she knew. From her story and those letters came the research of the story of the USS Flier, and more things came to light, more people came forward with information, and the book Eight Survived was written.

Elton Brubaker

Visit our website at 10

Air Bubbles – April 2011


Ride with us to your favorite ski/ride area aboard a luxurious motorcoach. Departs from Westgate Plaza, Haverhill Wednesday mornings at 6:30 and leaves the mountain at 5PM.

For $75 the ticket includes:

1)Motorcoach transportation w/ movie

2)Morning coffee & donut

3)Full mountain lift ticket

Apr 6 Sunday River (cookout)

Reservations are required for Wednesday trips and are secured with a $35 deposit; call 978-346-8667.

Cancellations: deposits will not be refunded or credited within 72 hours of departure.

Under 18 years must be accompanied by an adult.

42 Water St.

Beverly MA


2010 Hours:

Tue-Fri 9-6, Sat 9-5, Sun 9-3

Sales Service Rentals


The Bay State Council of Divers

Supporting and promoting the recreational diving community in Massachusetts.

The Bay State Council of Divers (BSC) is a diver’s advocacy group. The BSC monitors local, state and federal regulations that may affect the recreational diving community in Massachusetts. When required, the BSC represents the interests of the diving community in these matters.

The BSC serves as a liaison between dive clubs and dive stores to promote recreational diving activity in Massachusetts. All divers are encouraged to support the BSC with an annual contribution of $5. Your contribution will allow the BSC to continue to be a strong advocate for the recreational diving community in Massachusetts.

For more information see the new BSC website at

Visit our website at 11

Air Bubbles – April 2011

The North Shore Frogmen’s Club Inc

PO Box 3604

Peabody, MA 01961-3604

Upcoming Event

April 16: Float Cleaning

May 1: Easter Egg Dive

May 1: Easter Egg Dive PARTY

The North Shore Frogmen’s Club

meets at 8PM at the

Palmer’s Cove Yacht Club in Salem

at 74 Leavitt Street

Salem, MA 01970

Parking is available in the Harbor Sweets lot across the street.

Parking will be more available in the PCYC lot after the boats are in the water.

Visit our website at