Air Bubbles

The Newsletter of the North Shore Frogmen’s Club

Volume 53, Number 12

December 2011

President’s Message - December 2011

Thanksgiving has gone by and Christmas is just around the corner. Gather your photos and bring them to this Tuesday's dive meeting. Bill Werner will be collecting them for the Paul Sauvageau Memorial Photo Contest. We will also be voting for club officers, and Diver and Member of the Year. At our last meeting we viewed several episodes of Sea Hunt. Classic TV at its best! Watch carefully and see Mike Nelson with a single tank, diving with triples in the next scene.

Vinny is busy selling tickets for our President’s Banquet on

12/10/2011 at PCYC. There will be great raffle prizes, a 50/50 raffle, and DJ entertainment. We are selling a limited number of tickets, so don't miss out. Bobby Boyle will be helping me to make our raffle very exciting this year. Winter dives will be upon us soon, and Tony Vieira will be handy in organizing these for us.

We will be having a New Year’s Day dive at White Beach in Manchester; stay tuned to Tony for the details. Last year the turnout was great with 32 divers. Other dive clubs will be joining us again this year. Can we surpass last year's great numbers? On another note Mary Howard has worked on putting together our Air Bubbles for many years. Is there a club member out there who would like to take over this task? If yes please feel free to contact Mary asap.

Dodie Carvalho will be hosting club members at her home after the New Year’s Day dive. This is a great place to relax and hang with club members young, and old. I think it’s great that this year’s officer slate features all newer members. In a few more years I'll be joining the ranks of Life Members. I have the distinction of being the first father and son combo to have served as President. My father was club president in the early 1970's.

For Diver of the Month I choose Vinny Egizi for all of the work he does with the club's finances. For member of the Month I select Dodie Carvalho for hosting the New Year’s Day, and

Easter Egg Dive parties at her home. Hope to see you at a meeting soon!

John P. Sears

Coming Club Events

Dec 1: Elections for 2012 Club Officers. Listing below.

Dec 1: Photo Contest submissions due to Bill Werner.

Dec 8: Photo Contest display and voting

Dec 15: Jonathan Bird Presentation

The Current list of nominations
for 2012 NSF Club Officers is:
President: Meg Tennissen
Vice President: Lauren Byrne
Treasurer: Vinny Egizi
Secretary: Ellen Garvey

In this Issue:

President’s Message pg. 1
Meeting Summaries pg. 2-3
Upcoming Events pg. 3-5
Boston Scuba show pg. 6
Undersea Divers pg. 6
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Air Bubbles – December 2011

The North Shore Frogmen’s Club

PO Box 3604

Peabody, MA 01961


President: John Sears Tel: 978-750-4745


Vice President: Lauren Byrne Email:

Treasurer: Vinny Egizi Tel: (858) 342-3365


Secretary: Meg Tennissen Tel: (781) 724-0071


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Membership: Dan Hering

Newsletter: Mary Howard

Tel: (781) 944-1292


Webmaster: Markus Diersbock

*Deadline for submissions* for the January 2012 issue

of Air Bubbles is

Tuesday, November 22

Meeting Summaries

03-Nov -2011

Meeting called to order: 8:10PM Attendance: 4 Officers, 17 Members

Guests: Andy Martinez, Bill Buckley and one other

Abbreviated meeting for Bill Buckley presentation on GETTING THE SHOT – MORE TIME SHOOTING LESS TIME EDITING

Treasurer: banquet tickets for sale; will take cash, checks, credit cards; guests are invited.


-Air Bubbles: Air Bubbles went out last night.

Dive Talk: Tony was in an outdoor pool

Raffles: Dollars Box: Amy Maurer Mystery Prize: Mary Howard Bug Bag: Andy Martinez

10-Nov -2011

Meeting called to order: 8:05PM Attendance: 3 Officers, 14 Members

Secretary: Minutes

Treasurer: Banquet tickets for sale by cash, checks, credit cards. Guests are invited. Vinny got the menu from Caterer; they will provide table cloths. Idea to purchase a plaque for PCYC as a thank you.


-Program: next week open video, a Sea Hunt or two. Working on Jonathan Bird maybe doing a presentation in December.

Old Business:

-New Year’s Day Dive: SUDS is in; will contact Bob Boyle to see if Dive Society wants to come; talked with East Coast Divers who are coming; trying to get in touch with South Shore divers. Tony will contact MetroWest; Finatics are in.

-Some people want to bring grills for the New Year’s Day dive. It is simple to get a permit the day of the event if FD is around.

-Dodie has offered her house for New

Year’s Day party. Thank you Dodie! (This party not open to non Froggies.)

New Business: Susan has a friend who would like to do a presentation, Dec is pretty open

Dive Talk:

-Sunday Vinny went with Jim Durso; they got in the water at 1pm, looked for a dive spot – calm in the morning, but rougher in the afternoon. Only place out of the wind was the north side of Baker’s Island near buoy #9; 20+’ vis, 50F, 44’ deep, got 20-25 scallops. Jim got some bugs; well over an hour dive. Both dove wet and were very comfortable.

-Meg and Lauren tried to attend Club dive, at 8am but no one at BK. Went to Ft Sewall. About an hour dive 52F. Went right, got some bottles, shards of plates. Vis around 20ish feet.

General Discussion:

-Mike’s Moments:

-ABC news over the weekend will be using a filler about Canada’s Loch Ness monster, someone got video taken in a Lake in British Colombia that has a 40-50’ sea serpent. The video is on Yahoo now.

-Koi – decorative Japanese fish; oldest one died was estimated to be 266 years old. Growth cycles leave marks on the scales, like the rings in tree trunks and they keep the scales throughout their lives.

-NASA Aquarius undersea laboratory is a practice operation to test tools for a manned mission to an asteroid, it’s about a size of a school bus and is 62’ deep.

-3 eyed fish found in Argentina, a wolfish, found near a nuclear power plant – like Blikny the 3 eyed fish in The Simpsons. It was saved, little afraid to eat it, locals concerned about drinking water.

-Researchers think they found two of the ships of Sir Francis Drake off Panama. They’re looking for his lead coffin now.

Raffles: Dollars Box: Tony Vieira Mystery Prize: John Sears

17-Nov -2011

Meeting called to order: 8:10PM

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Air Bubbles – December 2011

Attendance: 4 Officers, 11 Members Secretary: Minutes read and accepted Treasurer: Banquet tickets for sale.


-Program: Jonathan Bird coming 15 Dec; he might speak on his last dive in Maldives with the manta rays.

-Old BusinessNew Year’s Day dive: we are waiting to hear back from some clubs. ScubaPro will be sending something.

-Banquet - Will there be a cocktail hour? We will be in the meeting room exclusively until 8-8:30; can come in here at 6 or so. Bartender starting at 7. Try to congregate here.

Dive Talk:

-Jim D dove at House Island; there were 2-3’ waves when he went in, 4’ when got out. Went with John Tooey; he was fishing, no giant bugs but 4 keepers. 40-50’ dive with 15-20’ vis. Went fishing off Gloucester, went off Folly got 12 pollock, school of mackerel out further.

-Tony had classes in MIT pool, vis was horrible; 15 students.

-Markus’s girlfriend is the payroll officer for company where Vinny works, and she let him know that Markus went diving at the Georgia Aquarium.

General Discussion:

-Mike’s Moments:

-Dive Training magazine, pics of rusted tank that blew. You can get moisture in your tank from the air

-Human foot found in a lake in British Columbia, 9th foot found in British Columbia since 2007; the other 8 had running shoes, this one had a hiking boot. Medical examiner say feet can detach from bodies.

-Grandmother in Northern Australia caught 800 lb marlin; she held onto

the line the whole time.

-PETA approached Turkey, TX and offered to buy the entire town a vegan turkey dinner if they would change the town name to Tofurky.

-Crack in NE Aquarium; fish will be shipped out soon, penguins going to

the Cape.

-In the Daily Mail in UK, there’s a picture of electric blue lobster

Raffles: Dollars Box: Mike Metlock.(new member)

Mystery Prize: John Marren Bug Bag: John Marren

After the meeting we watched two episodes of SEA HUNT

Bay State Council of

Divers Meeting

The next meeting of the Bay State Council of Divers is scheduled for

Wednesday November 30, 2011 at the South Shore Neptunes’

Clubhouse in Quincy at 7:30PM.

All are invited to attend the BSC meetings

See for more information on the Bay State Council.

Diving /Camping Week

in Vermont 2012

The WONDERFUL WEEK in Vermont diving and camping with Annette and Pat is currently scheduled for July 8 through 14, 2012. Put the dates on your calendar and plan to come up all or part of the week.


of the Month for December 2011

Vinny Egizi

for all of the work he does with the club's finances.


of the Month for December 2011

Dodie Carvalho

for hosting the New Year’s

Day, and Easter Egg Dive parties at her home.

Tony with Sea Raven

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    Air Bubbles – December 2011    
ANNUAL NSF BANQUET     2011 Photo Contest
The 2011 North Shore Frogmen Annual   Hi All NSF underwater photographers,    
President’s Holiday Banquet Tickets are on The NSF photo contest for the 2011 season is fast
sale now.       approaching. If you plan to enter photos, please bring
This event is open to all members, friends, family, and them to the December 1st meeting. You may also
mail them to me, or we can make other arrangements.
guests. Please spread the word.  
  Please call me at H 978-298-5229 or C 978-857-2920.
Location: Palmers Cove Yacht Club, Salem, MA The categories once again are:    
  December 10th, 2011      
Date:   Regular/Wide Angle warm water    
Time: 7:00pm – 11:00pm      
  Macro warm water    
Food: Catering by Café Salerno      
  Regular/Wide Angle cold water    
Music: Music by DJ Dawn Boltas      
  Macro cold water    
Events: Catered appetizers, dinner & desert      
  Creature interaction    
  Presentation of Awards      
    Above Water Dive Related    
  Raffle prizes        
  Dancing     Please submit a maximum of 3 photographs/category.
  Cash bar     Thanks,    
Price: $35/person        
Special Offer: Pay 2012 dues by the banquet and Bill Werner    
get $10 of raffle tickets free.          
We now accept or credit cards for all          
payments, with a $2 processing fee:          
Brings Banquet ticket price to $37     New Year’s Day Dive
Brings 2012 Dues to $44 with an optional $5 for    
annual Bay State Council dues/support   We, the Froggies, would like to invite other clubs to
Please see me at any meeting or email me to reserve   our New Year’s Day dive. We are planning to dive
  White Beach in Manchester-by-the-Sea, 9AM to noon.
your spot at the banquet and/or pay dues for 2012.  
  Last year we had maybe the best turn-out ever, 32
Hope to see you there!     divers in the water, many with wet suits! It's all about
Vinny Egizi       having fun and meeting new Friends and enjoying our
      love of the underwater world!    
2011 NSF Treasurer        
        We are planning on a great turnout; let's beat last
        year’s number! It's an open invite all are welcome.
        Please let me know if you are interested in joining us!!
New Year’s Day Party   Any questions, feel free to contact me.    
  Tony Vieira    
Club members are invited to Dodie’s house on New   Cell: 978-569-9352 /
Year’s Day for a Gala gathering to celebrate the end of        
2011 and the start of another year. Come after your          
first dive of the year (as in the article to the right ),        
or come anyway. Bring something yummy to share,        
and whatever you would like to drink.          
Estimated start time is 11AM. Check for updates to be        
    Visit our website at 4
      Air Bubbles – December 2011      
      Calendar of Events      
  December 2011     1 2 3  
      8:00 PM Meeting      
  4 5 6 7   8 9 10  
            8:00 PM Meeting   NSF Banquet  
            Photo Contest    
  11 12 13 14   15 16 17  
            8:00 PM Meeting      
  18 19 20 21   22 23 24  
      Chanukah     8:00 PM Meeting      
  25 26 27 28   29 30 31  
  Christmas Kwanzaa       8:00 PM Meeting   New Year’s  
    begins         Eve  
  1 New Year’s 2 3 4   5 6 7  
  Day Dive &         8:00 PM Meeting      
  8 9 10 11   12 13 14  
            8:00 PM Meeting      
  15 16 17 18   19 20 21  
            8:00 PM Meeting      
  22 23 24 25   26 27 28  
            8:00 PM Meeting      
  29 30 31   January 2012  

Activities List

-Nov 30, Weds BSC Meeting in Quincy, MA

-Dec 1, Thur Elections for 2012 NSF Club Officers, and Diver/Member of the Year

-Dec 8, Thur P. Sauvageau Photo Contest Display and Voting for BEST PICTURES

-Dec 10, Sat Annual NSF President’s Banquet at PCYC

-Dec 15, Thur Jonathan Bird Presentation


-Jan 1, Sun New Year’s Day Dive (see page 4 for more information)

-Jan 1, Sun New Year’s Day Party at Dodie Carvalho’s house (see page 4)

Visit our website at 5

Air Bubbles – December 2011


The Underwater Club of Boston and The Dive Patrol, Inc. announce the 61st edition of the Boston Scuba Show scheduled for 10 A.M. to 4 P.M., February 25, 2012 at the Holiday Inn and Resort in Marlboro, Massachusetts. The 2012 show will feature the films by Jonathan Bird (in-person 3-time EMMY Award Winner), and Fred Calhoun, with witty sayings, soft shoe routines, and more SCUBA than there’s time to tell. With Kerry and Linda Hurd, and directed by Alan Budreau, Jerry Shine will be receiving the Paul Revere Spike Award from the Underwater Club of Boston, presented by Arnie Pettiglio. The show will also offer a new film EGG ROCK, by Fred and Chris. Mr. Calhoun is an awards winning underwater motion picture producer and director, having won the Knights of Malta, Island of Malta, Film Festival (for LARGO), and the Conference for International Non-theatrical Events (CINE) award (for THE WALL).

Parking is always free at The Holiday Inn and Resort. We are at the intersection of routes 20 and 495 in Marlboro, Massachusetts.

Simultaneously, in another part of the Holiday Inn, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., The Dive Patrol will be offering the PSI scuba cylinder inspector certification course. PSI is the only recognized cylinder inspector training and certification program by DOT (the Department of Transportation, the real folks in charge of scuba cylinders). Expand your resume, become a certified cylinder inspector. Conducted by Dallas Edmiston, the in-advance course tuition is $275, checks payable to The Dive Patrol, Inc.

Tickets for the scuba show are only $20 each (use the savings for gas) and will be available at the door on the day of the program. In-advance show ticket sales and PSI tank program tuition, by writing to: Cecile Christensen, 2 Ocean Ave (1-H), Magnolia, MA 01930. Checks payable to: The Dive Patrol, Inc. Program phone (with an answering machine) is 978- 525-3432 – speak slowly and distinctly.

Thank you,

Fred Calhoun

42 Water St.

Beverly MA


2011 Hours:

Tue-Fri 10-6, Sat 9-5, Sun 9-3

Sales Service Rentals


Visit our website at 6

Air Bubbles – December 2011

The North Shore Frogmen’s Club Inc

PO Box 3604

Peabody, MA 01961-3604

Upcoming Events

Dec 1: Elections for Officers & DOM/MOM

Dec 8: Photo Contest Voting

Dec 10: Annual Club Banquet

Dec 15: Jonathan Bird Presentation

Jan 1: New Year’s Day Dive and Party

The North Shore Frogmen’s Club

meets every Thursday (except Thanksgiving) at 8PM

at Palmer’s Cove Yacht Club

74 Leavitt Street

Salem, MA 01970

More parking available in the Harbor Sweets lot across the street.

Visit our website at

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