Air Bubbles

The Newsletter of the North Shore Frogmen’s Club

Volume 53, Number 1

January 2011

President’s Message - January 2011

I’d like to thank all my supporters for their vote this past election.

It was a tough race but the relentless campaigning, cold calls, sign holding, and baby kissing paid off. I’d also like to thank my competition, Ms. Sarah Palin and Mr. Howard Dean. Sarah, your outdoor experience of hunting and fishing with Todd certainly gave you a foot up in this election. Not to mention your international relations experience, “I can see Russia from my house” –SP. Secondly, I’d like to thank Howard Dean. You ran a great campaign. I figured my presidential aspirations were all but gone till you changed the course of the election. I guess your motivational scream riddled speech may have swayed voters away.

Again, I would like to thank all my constituents for what you’ve done over the last few months. Once I take office in 2011 I’ll have six figured jobs awaiting all of you.

Oh, also I should probably mention something about diving. It’s the slow season for diving but a few of us will brave the cold and dive every weekend throughout the winter. The time and location of the dives will be announced at the weekly meeting as well as posted on facebook.

Also, a special thanks to Graham for his service in 2010 as president. Excellent job Graham!

-Jes ~ El Presidente

Winter Dives!!

Tony Vieira has offered to coordinate winter dives again this year. For the next few months, come to a Thursday night meeting to join the discussion on the day, time and location planned for that weekend’s dive. If you can’t make the meeting, or for updates, check Facebook or contact Tony to find out where Club members and friends will be diving.

Coming Club Events

December 30: Pizza Night 7PM


January 1: New Year’s Day Dive

at Fort Sewall

January 1: New Year’s Day Party

at Dodie Carvalho’s house

February 3: Presentation:

Victor Mastone of the BUAR on

the Battle of Chelsea Creek


President’s Message – pg. 1

Meeting Summaries – pg. 2-4

Photo Contest Results – pg. 5

Coming Events – pg. 6-7

December Presentation – pg. 8

Banquet Pictures – pg. 9-11

Ski Schedule – pg. 12

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Air Bubbles – January 2011

The North Shore Frogmen’s Club

PO Box 3604

Peabody, MA 01961


President: Jesse Leslie Tel: (978) 335-1811


Vice President: John Sears Tel: 978-750-4745


Treasurer: Vinny Egizi Tel: (858) 342-3365


Secretary: Meg Tennissen Tel: (781) 724-0071


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Membership: Dan Hering

Newsletter: Mary Howard

Tel: (781) 944-1292


*Deadline for submissions* to the February 2011 issue

of Air Bubbles is

Thursday, January 20

Please have all articles and information to the

Air Bubbles editor by January 20, 2011.

Meeting Summaries


Meeting called to order: 8:12 PM Attendance: 4 Officers, 27 Members Guests: 2 Mike & Ellen warm water divers

Secretary: Minutes read and accepted as amended.

Treasurer: report read and accepted. If you haven’t gotten banquet tickets, see Vinny. Dues are also due.

Correspondence – Pat & Annette sent a postcard, thanking us for the banquet tickets for them and Dave Dodge


-Program: See activities list.

-12/9 – Andy Martinez confirmed for presentation, and will sell copies of new book.

-12/23 – Officer switchover night

-12/30 – Pizza Party at PCYC.

-1/1/11 – Dodie said she would like to host the New Year’s Day Party.

-Air Bubbles: Erika cannot do AB.

Bill W would like to help but won’t be able to make a lot of meetings. We have had remote editors in the past but it doesn’t work well; it’s best to come to meetings. One thought is to maybe do newsletter every other month. Life members and others who are far away feel it’s a good connection to the Club. Mary will do Jan issue of AB. New Year’s Day party and dive should be in AB to get info out to members.

Old Business:

-Elections: Ray moved that the secretary cast one vote for the slate of officers since there was no race for offices. Officers for 2011 are: President-Jesse Leslie; VP-John Sears; Treasurer-Vinny Egizi; Secretary-Meg Tennissen. - Tonight is also voting for Photo Contest.

-Website: Vinny talked to Markus, website will be up and fully functional by the banquet.


-About 50 tickets sold so far. Encourage your friends to attend.

-Cash bar opens 6:30.

-Laura has decorations from last year; she’ll need people to help set up.

Get there about 5:30 to help.

-Raffle ticket table, last minute tickets, dues, winning photos will be brought; Paul will bring historical stuff.

-Mary – last year Laura had pictures on stairwell – can they go on the stage this year? Ray can bring easels, Lewis has small easels.

-Pizza party here – where to get pizzas? Joe’s Pizza in Beverly?

-Gift for Pat and Annette. Store in VT for kayak equip, Sam’s; and grocery certificate.

New Business:

-Tony might organize a New Year’s dive; White Beach might work at 9:30 or 10. Ft Sewall is safe and well protected.

-OT Monday night for football game?

Dive Talk:

-Susan was in Dominica; it was fabulous, but right after hurricane so vis 60ft; temp 87. She saw everything on every dive, every kind of eel under the sun. The dive operator was great, ratio was 3 to 1; they offered a divemaster for one diver with a lots of needs. They also did lot of hiking, lots of waterfalls. Going back in Feb it was that much fun.

-Jes and Adam dove at Salem Willows, 41°F temp, saw sand… and small lobsters. Jes got hooked in the finger by mackerel hook.

General Discussion:

-Mary – flyers on the head table about dive sites at Stellwagen Bank and minutes of the BSC meeting on 11/10.

-Mike’s Moments:

-Divers in Australia boat diving, but when they surfaced, their boat was gone. They get rescued and get back to the boat, but then it gets hit by rogue wave.

-US Govt acoustic feedback system to deter divers in ports

-Japanese whaling fleets are making changes since the Sea Shepheard society has new boat, the Godzilla, to harass whaling boats. Armed

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Air Bubbles – January 2011

Japanese Coast Guard sailors are on the whaling boats now

-In Egypt, 4 Russian divers were eaten by sharks recently, diving instructor and student witnessed

Raffles: Dollars Box: Lauren Byrne

Mystery Prize: PierPaulo


Bug Bag: Lauren Byrne


Abbreviated meeting due to Andy Martinez presentation

Meeting called to order: 8:11 PM Attendance: 2 Officers, 30 Members Guests: about 8, including Andy


Secretary: not read Treasurer: not read - Old Business:.

Paul brought in displays for the banquet- some need a little TLC

Bill will look at them to prep for the banquet

Dive Talk:

-Richard – dove in the GOT at the NE Aquarium. The sharks are back and Myrtle the turtle still insists on being petted. The fish that were rescued at Ft Wetherill were there and have grown. Good experience.

-Dan, Meg, Lauren and Dan’s nephew, on his 1st dry suit dive, went to Ft Sewall. It was flat calm, 41-46 degrees and vis was about 1 ft.

General Discussion:

-Dougie Russell had brought up a lot of pieces from the USS NH and has been working on those pieces he’s brought up – making cribbage boards, etc. He’s short of some things, if anyone has items from the NH that he can use, like the J nails, rings or trunnel pins – he would be happy to trade for pieces. He quit diving 15-20 years ago, but is going back to the NH next year, looking forward to getting back there.

Raffles: Dollars Box: Jim Follis Mystery Prize: John Marren Bug Bag: Paul Sauvageau

Andy Martinez gave us an

interesting presentation on Marine Life of the North Atlantic. He also signed copies of the newest edition of his book.


Meeting called to order: 8:05 PM Attendance: 3 Officers, 11 Members

Secretary: Minutes read and accepted as amended.

Treasurer: report read and accepted. Banquet recap noting total negative balance for banquet; food was really good. Club had almost 100 members at end of the year; for 2011 already have 22 paid members, 27 life members and 4 officers. Honorary membership is usually given for a year, thanks for speaking engagements.

Correspondence: Jes got text from new member Benjamin, on a ship in Merchant Marine, going to the Arctic until the spring.

Ray Bates might come speak when his new book is out.



-12/30-Pizza party about $200, 12 pizzas and salad; 2 ea. Of 6 kinds; starts at 7.

-1/1-New Year’s Day dive at Fort

Sewell. Tony is organizing, already 16 people confirmed, as well as Dive Finatics. Tony was talking with

Markus who noted that there’s a big parking lot close to the entry at Fort Sewell (take a L and go straight) which is office parking which will probably be empty on New Year’s


-1/1-New Year’s Day party at Dodie’s.

-Speaker: Vic Mastone of MA Bureau of Underwater Archeology Resources has agreed to speak in Feb. Can speak about further explorations of dugout canoes, Battle of Chelsea Creek in Revolutionary War, attempts to find old Minot Light. Will request 2/3.

Old Business:

New Business:

-Meeting next week? Yes. Pizza night is 12/30, just a party, not a business meeting.

-President should appoint committee chairs, including Program Committee. Programs include dives

– New Year’s Day, Easter Egg, boat dives, seal dives; parties; speaking engagements. Picnic, photo contest and banquet committees can be sub- committees of the Program Committee. Other committees include Air Bubbles cmte, Membership cmte and Website cmte.

-Dive coordinators? Tony did a great job last winter and offered to do that again this year. Jesse will be doing Saturday dives.

-Meeting at BK didn’t work well last summer. John F. could be summer Sunday dive coordinator. Last summer it seemed that people made their own plans and didn’t meet at


-Next years’ banquet–where? when? Don’t know the details of how they cater at here (PCYC) but we might consider that. Someone should talk to them. Later date seemed to work well, rather than first Saturday of Dec. Next year 10 Dec?

Dive Talk:

-Jes at Salem Willows with Lewis,

39°F, 20’ max, vis 15ft. Found a gun, a

Springfield 1911, was a replica so didn’t have to turn it in; everything was authentic except missing firing pin. On same dive found underwater video camera with headband which Lewis had lost. Watched the movie on it, saw Lewis go into the water and then it fell off his head. 2nd camera he found this year, but didn’t get to keep either. Found some fishing lures and 6 cents. Saw some scallops. There seems to be a surface current there, but not so much at the bottom. Planning to go to the Willows this Sat; hit the water at 11am

-John M was in Bonaire with Bob. Had rough water first few days. Saw angelfish, liofish and Man-o- war Jellies. Divers were being asked to mark every spot lionfish are seen.

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  Air Bubbles – January 2011    
General Discussion: - Air Bubbles: Mary Howard – company from Chicago.  
- Has anyone seen Joe Terra? Paul planning to get it out in time for New General Discussion:  
spoke with him a few months ago. Year’s dive and party. - Mike’s Moments:  
- Mary is still looking for someone to - Correspondence: Card from Pat and - On Cape Cod with the shifting  
take over Air Bubbles.  
Annette and Dave Dodge - a thanks sands, found 50’ shipwreck in  
- Mike’s Moments  
for the banquet and for the gift Chatham, spotted 29 Nov by pilot, in
- Fish seen in Japan was thought to be
certificates. 8-10’ water, can’t be seen from  
Old Business: Life Members used to beach. May have sunk about 100  
- Russian tourists in Egypt – a woman years ago. Other possible wrecks  
get a plaque or paperweight. This has  
lost ar to a shark. 2/3 of tourist there include the HMS Summerset
not been done out in the past 2 yrs.
money for Egypt are from people III – guarding Boston Harbor night
New Business:
going to this area of Paul Revere’s ride.  
- 2010 Club officers stepped down and  
- Sea squirts are invasive species, - After a storm at Winter Island, all
2011 officers took their places, which
really growing off coast. Causing kinds of artifacts in the sand  
basically meant that John Sears joined  
problems with cod and scallop - Researchers think they found the  
the others at the head table. (Graham  
populations. but helping with winter bones of Amelia Earhart. Plane  
was not able to attend.)  
flounder. needed 700’ to land, may have  
- Ray asked about Club’s plans for the  
- Israeli town seeing a mermaid landed on a reef, which would’ve
Boston Scuba Show and Sea Rovers.
appears at sunset, she had a distincet dragged the plane out to sea. A  
Sea Rovers will be at Sheraton  
tail Coast Guard unit was on this island
Ferncroft in Danvers. See it as a way
- Jes’s coworker worked with head guy in WWII. They found bone  
to be part of the dive community and  
in Florida shark attack, recruited him fragments from fingers, and are  
promote ourselves as being part of  
to go to Egypt to explore reasons for currently extracting DNA.  
NE diving. In past we’d have a raffle  
shark attacks there. Found an animal th  
prize and proceeds generally covered - Bobby’s sale until Friday (the 24 )!
transport ship coming through Red Open at 10.  
the booth cost. When Bobby has  
Sea that was throwing dead sheep Raffles: Dollars Box: Tony Vieira  
given prizes in the past, we  
overboard. Sharks may have  
Mystery Prize: Paul Sauvageau
acknowledge where it came from
followed them in. They are actively
Bug Bag: Jack Munro  
with a sign at the booth. Ray and  
going after the transporters as it is  
Mary have the Club’s red felt display.    
bad for business when tourists are    
Might be able to recruit new    
members since it is local this year.    
Raffles: Dollars Box: Mary Howard    
Dave Smith put together a tri-fold    
Mystery Prize: John Marren    
flyer 6-7 yrs ago – maybe do    
Bug Bag: Paul Sauvageau    
something like that again. Vinny will    
23-Dec-2010 make calling cards. Number of    
Meeting called to order: 8:03 PM things need to be done. Jes will take    
Attendance: 3 Officers, 10 Members reigns on this – other volunteers?    
Secretary: Minutes read and accepted Ray and John M can help.    
as amended. - Paul - Fred Calhoun’s Boston Scuba    
Treasurer: report read and accepted. show 26th Feb. Last year he dropped    
39life members/officers, 22 paid ticket price, people who staffed the    
members. Mike and Ellen Garvey booths paid for a ticket, but the booth    
paid dues; still need to submit was free. Paul will be happy to    
applications. inquire about it. Kathy Church, who    
Committees: is based at Divi on Grand Cayman    
- Activities: John M. will be one of the featured speakers.    
- 12/30 - Pizza Party She presented about 10 years ago;    
- 1/1 - New years’ Day Dive and anyone interested in underwater    
Party photography may want to go.    
- 2/3 - Victor Mastone of BUAR Dive Talk: Jes with Adam at Salem    
presentation Willows. 5’ vis, 49°F water, muck    
- 2/26 - Boston Scuba Show diving, 3 old bottles; Middleton    
- 3/5-6 - Boston Sea Rovers Springs Bottling Co.; Coke bottle from    
  the 40’s; another from a bottling    
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Air Bubbles – January 2011

2010 NSF Photo Contest

Hi all, Meg has finished tallying the ballots and below are the photo contest results. Several members have mentioned that the photo contest should be held at an earlier date next year as it is difficult for members to print photos as it gets so close to the holiday season, and I agree. This way, we would have ample time to be able to have the winner's photos displayed in their winning photo frames and announce the winners at the banquet. I'm thinking of having the contest in early November next year.

Members have also suggested having different categories next time. Next year I will send an email asking for suggestions from the members and have members vote for what categories they would like for the contest.

I want to thank Meg Tennissen for making up the voting ballots and taking on the tedious task of counting the votes and determining the winning photos for the contest. I would also like to thank Mary Howard for ordering and obtaining the prizes for the photo contest winners, and Bill Werner, Mike Denneler, John Ferrier, and the others that helped me set up the tables and poster boards on the day of the contest.

Prizes will be given out & photos will be returned at the club pizza party.

I also want to thank everyone that participated in the photo contest this year. We had an amazing turnout and I was proud to have so many beautiful pictures to display at the contest and at the banquet. The club members have seen so many cool things on their dives and it is such a nice experience to share these things through your photos with others. Thanks so much for supporting the club's photo contest!

Laura Gallagher 12/12/10

Surface/Dive Related

1st Clouds, Fog & Sea Mist: Paul Sauvageau

2nd Stellar Sea Lion: Paul Sauvageau

3rd Filled Tanks: Jim Durso

4th Ice Dive: Amy Maurer

5th Back Beach Night Dive: Laura Gallagher

Non Local Macro

1st Flabellina Iodinea: Jim Durso

2nd Giant Acorn Barnacle: Paul Sauvageau

3rd Flamingo Tongue: Jim Durso

4th Squid: Steffen Schmitt

5th Smile: Paul Sauvageau

Non Local Wide Angle

1st Octopus: John Ferrier

2nd Hooded Nudis on Kelp: Paul Sauvageau

3rd Thinking Turtle: Harry VanGeenHoven

4th Giant Flounder: Steffen Schmitt

5th MS Frankenwald: Steffen Schmitt

Non Local Species Interaction

1st Peacock Flounder: Paul Sauvageau

2nd Shrimps on a Crab: Steffen Schmitt

3rd Mating Amphipods: Steffen Schmitt

4th Trapped: Steffen Schmitt

5th Fishy Friends: Harry VanGeenHoven

Local Macro

1st Baby Squid: Laura Gallagher

2nd Stalked Jellyfish: Amy Maurer

3rd Salmon Nudi: Laura Gallagher

4th Barnacle Bill: Mary Howard

5th Lined Anemones: Amy Maurer

Local Wide Angle

1st Lion's Mane: Laura Gallagher

2nd Wolffish: Mary Howard

3rd Northern Red: Laura Gallagher

4th Smooth Sunstar & Sea Peaches: Laura Gallagher

5th (No Title Given): Jim Follis

Local Species Interaction

1st Basket Star on Sponge: Mary Howard

2nd Hang on Whelks!: Mary Howard

3rd Pick on Someone Your Own Size: Vinny Egizi

4th Salmon Gill Nudi Eating Hydroids: Mary Howard 5th Hanging onto a Tunicate: Mary Howard


One of the many boards of standard/wide- angle photos taken outside of New England

Right: One board of standard/wide- angle photos taken in New England

Photos of

Photo Contest

taken by

Amy Maurer

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Air Bubbles – January 2011

Upcoming NSF Club Events / Activities: PRESENTATION
  Feb 3, 2011: The Battle of Chelsea Creek
Dec 30, 2010, NSF Pizza Party Victor Mastone of the Bureau of Underwater
What: Pizza Party – Social Event (not a meeting) Archeological Resources will be giving us a
Where: Palmer’s Cove Yacht Club presentation on February 3rd about the Battle of
Time: Start at 7PM (note earlier time) Chelsea Creek, the second battle of the Revolutionary
  War. The location of this battle is currently mostly
  filled and makes up parts of East Boston, Chelsea,
  Winthrop and Revere. Come to the meeting on 2/3/11
  to hear and see Vic’s story about the Bureau’s
  research into this part of our local history.
Jan 1, 2011, New Year’s Day Dive  
It's that time of year again...time to plan the New Other Events of interest to SCUBA divers:
Year's Day dive. Tony V. has graciously offered to  
organize it again this year.  
After discussing it after the meeting on Thursday BSC Meeting
(12/9), it was decided to go to Ft. Sewall in
The next meeting of the Bay State Council of Divers
Marblehead for a number of reasons, including that it
scheduled for Wednesday, February 9, 2011 (snow
is a well-protected site, it's safer than White Beach
date Wednesday, February 16, 2011) at the South
and there's also more to see.
Shore Neptunes’ Clubhouse in Quincy.
Be there at 10am and it would be great to try to get a
All are welcome and encouraged to attend these meetings.
group picture before going into the water.

Please let Tony or me know if you have any questions.

Thanks! ~ Meg (12-5-10)   th
Jan 1, 2011, New Year’s Day PARTY CATHY CHURCH
Dodie Carvahlo has graciously offered to host the
  and Fred Calhoun
New Year’s Day Party at her house again this year.  
  Directed by Alan Budreau
Come by Dodie’s home some time after 11 AM on  
  With Linda and Kerry Hurd
January 1 to enjoy her hospitality and the camaraderie   Including
of your fellow Club members.   CATHEDRAL ROCKS
Please bring a food item to share with others, and A new film with the crew of EASY DIVER
BYOB.   February 26, 2011
Dodie’s house is located at 6 Ridgewood Rd in  
  10:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M.
Rockport, off of Rte 127A.   Holiday Inn and Resort
    Jct Rtes 495 and 20
    Marlboro, Mass
    Always Free Parking
  Two free scuba books by F.Calhoun, to the first 200 attendees
    Tickets at $25 at the door or in advance by writing
    Cecile Christensen
    2 Ocean Ave (1-H)
    Magnolia, MA 01930
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          Air Bubbles – January 2011        
            29 30 31   1  
              8:00 PM Meeting New Year’s   New Year’s  
              Eve   Day Dive  
              Pizza Night    
    3 4   6 7   8  
  2   5    
  Sunday Dive?           8:00 PM Meeting        
  9 10 11   12 13 14 15  
  Sunday Dive?           8:00 PM Meeting        
  16 17 18   19 20 21 22  
  Sunday Dive?           8:00 PM Meeting        
  23 24 25   26 27 28 29  
  Sunday Dive?           8:00 PM Meeting        
  30 31                    
  Sunday Dive?                    
      1   2 3 4 5  
              8:00 PM Meeting        
  6 7 8   9 10 11 12  
  Sunday Dive?           8:00 PM Meeting        
  13 14 15   16 17 18 19  
  Sunday Dive?           8:00 PM Meeting        
  20 21 22   23 24 25 26  
  Sunday Dive?           8:00 PM Meeting     Boston  
                  Scuba Show  
  Sunday Dive?                  
- Dec 30, Thur Pizza Party Night, 7PM
- Jan 1, Sat New Year’s Day Dive at Fort Sewall
- Jan 1, Sat New Year’s Day Party at Dodie’s 11AM
- Feb 3, Thur Presentation: Victor Mastone on the Battle of Chelsea Creek
- Feb 26, Sat Boston Scuba Show

-Mar 5-6, Wknd Boston Sea Rovers Show

>>For Sunday morning WINTER dives, check Facebook or contact Tony Vieira. <<

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Air Bubbles – January 2011

December Presentation:

On December 9 Andrew Martinez gave the Club an enlightening update to the fourth edition of his book

Marine Life of the North Atlantic. He showed slides of pictures in the book, demonstrating some of the species you can see out there if you look closely enough and in the right places, and answered questions about the creatures in the photos.

Andy signed copies of books purchased by attendees at the meeting.

Pictured, Andy, above, in front of his first slide, and

in 2 pictures below answering questions from the audience.

Photos courtesy of Amy Maurer

2010 End of Year Wrap-Up

Hi all –

In case you missed it, we had elections at the meeting on December 2nd and voted in a new slate of Club officers. The new Club president is Jesse Leslie, Vice President is John Sears, Treasurer is Vinny Egizi, and Secretary is Meg Tennissen. Their contact information is on page 2 of this newsletter if you need to reach them for any reason.

At the same time that we held officer elections, we voted for the Diver of the Year and Member of the Year from the members chosen during the year by 2010 President Graham Smith. These were announced at the banquet, so if you weren’t there you might not know that Tony Vieira was voted Diver of the Year for 2010. Member of the year is Mary Howard.

Diver of the Month

for January


Lewis Evans

For braving the 39°F water!

Member of the Month

for January


Graham Smith

For being our fearless leader in 2010

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Air Bubbles – January 2011

Some pictures from the NSF Annual Banquet

Pictured above: Vinny gives Froggy thanks to Pat & Annette; MC Vinny Egizi; 2010 Members and Divers of the months; holiday tie  
competition, and winner!  
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Air Bubbles – January 2011

Ellen and Mike won dive mask – Bill won the shark hat

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Air Bubbles – January 2011

Pictures above three pages courtesy of Amy Maurer and Paul Sauvageau

Visit our website at 11
      Air Bubbles – January 2011  
Ride with us to your favorite ski/ride area aboard a    
luxurious motorcoach. Departs from Westgate Plaza, 42 Water St.
Haverhill every Wednesday morning at 6:30 and
Beverly MA
leaves the mountain at 5PM.    
For $75 the ticket includes:
1) Motorcoach transportation w/ movie 2010 Hours:  
2) Morning coffee & donut      
    Tue-Fri 9-6, Sat 9-5, Sun 9-3  
3) Full mountain lift ticket      
2011 SCHEDULE          
Jan 5 Sunday River Feb 16 Jay Peak    
Jan 12 Killington   Feb 23 Sunday River    
Jan 19 Stratton Mtn Mar 2 Stratton    
Jan 26 Mount Snow Mar 16 Mount Snow Sales Service Rentals  
Feb 2 Sunday River Mar 23 Sunday River AQUA LUNG SEAQUEST SUUNTO
Feb 9 Killington   Mar 30 Killington
  Apr 6 Sunday River (cookout)
kSki trip this year is to Innsbruck, Austria Mar 4-13k    
Reservations are required for Wednesday trips and    
are secured with a $35 deposit; call 978-346-8667.    
Cancellations: deposits will not be refunded or credited    
within 72 hours of departure.        
Under 18 years must be accompanied by an adult.    
          The Bay State Council of Divers
          Supporting and promoting the recreational
          diving community in Massachusetts.
          The Bay State Council of Divers (BSC) is a diver’s
          advocacy group. The BSC monitors local, state and
          federal regulations that may affect the recreational
          diving community in Massachusetts. When required,
          the BSC represents the interests of the diving
          community in these matters.  
          The BSC serves as a liaison between dive clubs and
          dive stores to promote recreational diving activity in
          Massachusetts. All divers are encouraged to support
          the BSC with an annual contribution of $5. Your
          contribution will allow the BSC to continue to be a
          strong advocate for the recreational diving  
          community in Massachusetts.  
          For more information see the new BSC website at
      Visit our website at 12

Air Bubbles – January 2011

The North Shore Frogmen’s Club Inc

PO Box 3604

Peabody, MA 01961-3604

Upcoming Club Events!

December 30: Pizza Night

January 1: New Year’s Day Dive

January 1: New Year’s Day Party

February 3: Presentation

WINTER DIVE info on page 1

The North Shore Frogmen’s Club

meets at 8PM at the

Palmer’s Cove Yacht Club in Salem

at 74 Leavitt Street

Salem, MA 01970

Parking is available in the Harbor Sweets lot across the street.

Parking will be more available in the PCYC lot after the boats are in the water.

Visit our website at